Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3, Episode 9 – Ceremony


It’s finally time for Bo’s Dawning ceremony. After an emotional run in with Trick, he draws a symbol of a portal on Bo’s forehead. The two hug, she says her goodbyes to Kenzi and Lauren just in case she doesn’t return, and heads to the temple of the Dawning. She is about to enter without a weapon, because she can’t have one if she doesn’t side with either the Light or Dark Fae (and of course, the stubborn Bo won’t pick sides) when Dyson arrives and volunteers himself to go with.

Once inside the portal, which looks a lot like Bo’s apartment, the Caretaker tells Bo she must find the “key in hand.” A howl sound leads the two to a monster that they assume holds the key. Bo gets ready to fight but Dyson steps in her way and sacrifices himself to the beast. He gets a few slashes across his body, but the monster leaves. When Bo angrily asks why he is trying to be her hero, Dyson confesses his love to her and they have a small make out session. The kiss is cut short because the Caretaker returns with a key and disappears.

All of a sudden Bo is sitting at a desk in a police uniform with Lauren. Bo goes to talk to Kenzi, who is in jail. Trick is also in this alternate universe posing as the police chief. Bo drives home and sees Tasmin, playing her neighbor, cutting flowers with bloody hands. Bo walks inside to find her husband, Dyson, in his doctor scrubs.

After nearly fainting in Dyson’s hands, Bo goes to get some water. She wanders into a room and sees her dad singing to herself as a baby. While the old Bo is creeping around in the dark staring at this scene, her father leaves the room and the nurse takes care of baby Bo. Aife walks in, slits the nurses throat and steals the baby.

In the next scene, Bo is in her bedroom with Dyson, excitedly telling him she is pregnant. She falls over in pain, and Dyson breaks out of his role as her husband and nervously yells that it’s not a baby but instead part of the ceremony and that her cells are breaking down. After replaying the Caretakers words, that the key is in hand, the pair realizes that Dyson must be killed in order to retrieve the key. He begs Bo to kill him but she won’t do it. He lunges for her and she stabs him. She gets the key and stares at a dead Dyson. She creates the same portal Trick originally drew on her forehead with the blood of Dyson and takes him back with her out of this mysterious world and back into reality.

After returning, Dyson is still dead. Bo sobs over him until she gets possessed and sucks the chi out of Trick, Stella, Lauren and Kenzi while chanting in a strange voice something about her father. She breathes the chi into Dyson and wakes him up. Bo returns to her normal self and she and Dyson embrace each other while Lauren sadly watches.

Later, while Kenzi and Bo are out celebrating Bo’s accomplishments, Stella invites Trick to go with her to Scotland. Though he loves Stella, Trick knows he has to stay and protect Bo. After seeing that the arrival of The Wanderer is in the near future, he realizes that staying with Bo is without doubt the best thing for him to do.

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