Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3, Episode 8 – Fae-ge Against the Machine

Bo starts off the episode by getting the day off from her Dawning training because she failed at a challenge. She’s secretly happy though, and told Lauren about the good news. Lauren is also excited because she won an award for her research and the award dinner is that night, meaning Bo can now attend. Bo happily agrees to get dressed up to support her lover so she goes home to change. However, it would be too simple if she just got dressed and went to dinner.

Instead, Tamsin forces Bo to go to a bar full of Dark fae. Annoyed, Bo tries to leave but is attacked by some Dark fae that don’t like how much time Bo spends with the Light. Tamsin and Bo are able to beat the Dark with the help of a stranger named Balzac. Bo thanks him, saying she owes him a favor, and shakes his hand.

Turns out the handshake was more than just a friendly gesture as Balzac is a spriggan, meaning she can’t escape until she accomplishes what she said she would do for him. Now Bo and Tamsin are forced to follow Balzac and meet up with a criminal mastermind, Fang. They steal a fortune cookie they need and prepare to start a night of fulfilling their promise to Balzac. Out of nowhere, Bo suddenly can’t talk.

Apparently, when Bo started messing with a machine in the Dal earlier while calling Lauren about her day off, she triggered a test she will now have to pass for the Dawning. Because Bo isn’t at the Dal to play herself, Trick has to in her place and every move he makes to the machine will affect Bo where ever she is, like a voodoo doll-machine.

Bo overcomes the momentary speech impediment and Balzac lets her know the favor she must return is to save Hannah, a young fae that has been captured and exploited in Brazenwood. On their way, Bo and Tamsin are stopped by a gatekeeper and Bo must choose a tarot card, while at the Dal, Trick must also choose Bo’s destiny by picking either the infinity symbol or a pit of snakes.

Trick decides on the infinity image which means Bo picks ‘The Wanderer’ card from the deck. The gatekeeper writes down a prescription, though Bo is unsure why, and Bo and Tamsin move forward to the next challenge.

Trick must give the machine a cocktail, instantly making Bo drunk, as part of the test. Bo and Tamsin reach Brazenwood and hand the next gatekeeper the fortune cookie as a right of passage. They reach a pharmacy and hand over the mysterious prescription. They find Hannah crying into a machine. Apparently Hannah’s tears are a drug sold on the fae black market. Just as the two untie Hannah, a sheriff arrives and says if they want to leave with the girl, Bo will have to defeat Balzac’s enemy, Whitman using only the knife in her boot.

Gearing up for the fight, Whitman turns himself into two, one being his real self and the other a fake version. Bo must use what her Dawning trainer Stella taught her and kill only the real Whitman. She decides which Whitman is which and chucks her knife at the real one, instantly killing him. Back at the Dal, the machine stops moving meaning Bo won the game. In the hype of the excitement, Trick and Stella share a kiss and at the same time, an excited Tamsin gives Bo a victory smooch as well, leaving Bo speechless.

Everyone runs back to the Dal where Balzac hands Bo an invitation to the Dawning because she passed the test. Bo goes to find Lauren, but she is out with another scientist who went with her to the award ceremony like Bo was supposed to. This upsets Bo, but fortunately Tamsin is there to console her. A sad Bo leaves and starts to walk home, though suddenly ‘The Wanderer’ cards start to rain down from the sky. Something terrible is definitely about to happen.


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