Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3, Episode 7 – There’s Bo Place Like Home

Bo must prepare for The Dawning, so Stella is brought in to help her out. The oh-so-intuitive Stella can tell that Bo is still being eaten up by her past, specifically the time her mother called her evil and threw her out of the house, and Stella insists that Bo can only move on with her life if she forgives her mother. However, as we all know, forgiveness isn’t always easy. Still, Bo decides to head home and try it out.

Lauren gives Bo three drinks that will help keep the underfae cells away as Bo makes the journey home. The cells are trying to take over her body, so Bo needs all the help she can get at this point. She and Kenzi head to Bo’s hometown, plan to forgive her mother, then head right back. However, when they arrive, Bo’s mom has no recollection of their fight and Bo is forced to stay longer than planned.

Kenzi and Bo (or Beth, her old name) go the Cherry Festival while in town and Bo runs into her old classmate Jessica. Jessica, the popular girl in high school, was looking for Brad. However, the group soon finds out that Brad was killed when his car fell on him while changing the tire.

If this didn’t already creep Bo and Kenzi out, they realize that some kids are singing a song about a ghost named Lady Polly. Then, to top it off, they notice that Kenzi’s old classmate Doug has been watching them a little too closely. This is too much for Bo to handle so she decides to try to forgive her mother once again so they can head back.

Just as Bo gets to her mom, a ghost appears and tries to attack both Bo and her mother. Bo is able to fend off the spirit, but her mother starts to yell at Bo in a way so similar to the way she did years ago during their first blowout, and Bo takes off again.

Kenzi finds out this ghost is an underfae who is forced to stay on this land until she is released by those who summoned her. The only way to be released is to kill the summoners. And, of course, Bo is one of those summoners. It turns out that the ghost, Lady Polly, was released into the world by Jessica, Doug, Brad, and Bo’s first boyfriend Kyle (the first person Bo ever killed). Lady Polly has already killed Brad, Bo took care of Kyle, so now Lady Polly is on the hunt for the remaining three.

Kenzi searches for Doug while Bo goes to find Jessica. Bo is just a tad too late, because when she finds Jessica, she has just died from choking on a cherry pit. Bo runs into Kenzi and Doug and finds out that Doug has known about Lady Polly for over ten years but has been unable to get rid of her.

The three lure in Lady Polly who is very determined to make the last kills and be set free, but they trick her into coming near her birthplace, a well. Doug is knocked unconscious by the spirit so, of course, it’s up to Bo to kill the demon herself. Kenzi throws Bo one of the drinks Lauren gave her and she stabs it into Lady Polly’s arm and pushes the ghost into the well.

Now that Lady Polly is gone, Bo and Kenzi bring Doug back from unconsciousness and all is well. Except, Bo still has to do the only thing she came home for and forgive her mother. She finally realizes that the death of Kyle was predetermined by Lady Polly and Bo is able to forgive herself, thus forgiving her mother as well.

After returning home, Bo meets with the Dal and learns her first task of The Dawning is to go through a portal. The portal blocks doubters but Bo is able to make it through effortlessly, a seemingly simple assignment. However, this is just the first part of a long battle to come.


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