Recap: Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 6 – The Kenziscale

After Kenzi eats peanut sauce in the last episode (something she is deathly allergic to), Bo has been doubting the fact that she is the real Kenzi. However, Bo hasn’t exactly been on the good side of Lauren, Dyson and Trick, so they don’t believe her hypothesis. Instead, Trick locks her up and Lauren and Dyson don’t help to free her.

Tamsin is the only one that believes Bo, so when Dyson helps a crying Kenzi into his apartment, she sneaks in and frees Bo. Dyson returns faster than the two expected and sees that Tamsin is actually a Valkyrie. Now that her true identity is revealed, she and Bo have to escape.

While on the run, Tamsin tells Bo that Kenzi must be a kitsune, the Japanese, fox-like Fae. In fact, she tells Bo that the Kenzi impostor is called Inari, and is a fae who traded her charm to The Norn because she wanted a true friend, something The Norn never gave her.

Tamsin knows Inari because she was hired as the security guard for her sorority before Inari went crazy and left. The two make their way to the sorority but her sisters say a human came by earlier which they determine must have been Kenzi.

Meanwhile, the fake Kenzi is busy trying to get down with Dyson, though it doesn’t work. When he denies her, she gets furious and reaches for his gun. Dyson ends up accidentally shooting her during the brawl and Lauren and Trick find him crying over her dead body. Lauren tests the body and finds that it’s actually a Fae and Bo was right. They all realize this means that the real Kenzi is in trouble, just like Bo tried to tell them.

On the way to Inari’s den, Bo has to stop because she is so weak. Tamsin offers her body for Bo to feed off of, and Bo only agrees if Tamsin swears to secrecy. Tamsin is impressed by Bo’s willingness to fight for her friend because she has never had someone like that in her own life. Bo feeds off her, gathers strength, and makes it to Kenzi. The bony, traumatized Kenzi is chained behind zombie guards that Tamsin and Bo try to fight off.  Dyson arrives just in time to kill the rest of the guards and rescue Kenzi.

They take Kenzi back to rest at the Dal’s and give her enough food to fatten her back up. Bo, and rightly so, won’t talk to Lauren who is trying to apologize for not helping Bo when she was locked up. To add to the troubled couple, Trick tells everyone that Bo is going through The Dawning. This is a rite of passage for the Fae, but Bo is going through this stage 200 years too soon. If she is unable to fight through her changing body, then she will turn into an underfae.

Now that Tamsin has finished helping Bo save Kenzi, she must get back to her task for the Morrigan. She is supposed to bring the Dark Fae that Bo attacked out of a coma so that he can say that Bo is guilty. She does so, but tells The Morrigan that he said nothing about Bo being guilty and unfortunately, is now dead.


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