Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3 Episode 5 – Faes Wide Shut

This week, Kenzi has been acting really strange and un-Kenzi like. She is spinning a tangled web of lies to get everyone mad at each other. First, she deletes a text from Lauren on Bo’s phone saying that Dyson found the boy Bo feasted on for dinner last night dead. She then goes on to make Lauren and Trick doubt Bo’s love for them. When the police come to question Bo about the dead man, Kenzi then implies that Lauren is the one who told the cops about it.

Though Kenzi has been acting weird, Bo and Lauren don’t have time to notice it because they are trying to solve the mystery behind a human exploding into slime. Soon after, they learn about an underground Fae sex club run by Roman Tiresias.

Lauren gets busy figuring out a concoction that will put a stop to the toxin that’s been blowing up humans into slime. She and Bo go back to the club and join Kenzi in a secret room where Lauren finds a manta, the UnderFae that is the reason the humans are exploding.

Bo and Lauren try to close down the club but the guards grab them. Kenzi throws herself in with the guards too, feeling left out for not getting attacked by them, and Bo starts to go crazy and beats the guards. Kenzi thinks this is awesome, but Lauren tries to calm Bo down, nearly getting killed in the process.

After the hectic day, Lauren and Bo decide to have a nice dinner together and Bo goes home to get ready. Lauren secretly calls an agent and complains of Bo acting weird and worries something is wrong. Dyson thinks so too and wants to get to the bottom of the Bo situation.

When Bo is getting ready at home, she sees that Kenzi has made some Thai peanut noodles and is about to take a bite. Bo immediately pushes Kenzi against the wall. The real Kenzi is allergic to peanuts. This is clearly an imposter!


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