Recap: Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 4 – Fae-de to Black

Lauren and Bo have a lot of issues to work out this week.

First, Bo is only feeding off Lauren which is making them both very weak. Bo is weak from hunger and Lauren, of course, because Bo is constantly feeding off of her. Oh the things you go through as a human when you’re dating a Fae!

Bo stops thinking about her hunger for a moment when Dyson tells Bo her next mission is to impersonate a therapist at a healing center because Dyson and Tasmin sense trouble. The patients have been dying in strange ways and Dyson and Tasmin can’t access patients’ files so it’s up to Bo.

This starts another fight between the Lauren and Bo. Lauren is mad her girlfriend is impersonating a doctor, being that she is one herself. During an epic fight however, Bo has to leave and run to the clinic when a patient is about to die. She, of course, is able to save him in the nick of time.

Bo is growing weaker from hunger by the minute and a bruise on her hip has turned into internal bleeding. Dyson, who is still in love with Bo unbeknownst to her, is adamant Bo feeds off of him. She does so once he promises that there will be no feelings between the ex-lovers.

Later, Dyson goes into the clinic as a “patient.” He does hypnosis with Dr. Palmer and though he comes out of his session with a new aura, he assures everyone that Dr. Palmer isn’t who they want, but that Rakshasa, the shapeshifting Fae is.

When Dyson leaves for a few hours, Tasmin and Bo get Dr. Palmer at knifepoint and learn that he isn’t a real doctor, and that he has a cat that often brings patients onto the roof. In fact, the cat is on the roof at that moment with Dyson.

Dyson, trying to prove he is a griffin, is walking along a ledge when Bo and Tasmin get to him. Bo talks him down while Tasmin goes after the cat and kills the fur ball. The hypnotized Dyson doesn’t die as easily as the cat, but Bo gets through to him with a succubus kiss.

That promptly brings us to problem three Bo is about to have with Lauren. She will certainly be uncomfortable with the fact that Bo had a kiss with Dyson, however the jealous Lauren knows that Bo needs to feed off other Fae in order to survive. She agrees Bo can, though she must never feed off of Dyson again.

The episode ends with poor, neglected Kenzi who has a terrifying rash on her arm. Bo is too hungry to listen to Kenzi, and Hale is purposely ignoring her. She sadly walks away and is attacked by something in the dark.

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