Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3, Episode 2 – Subterfaenean

In order to investigate the mystery of missing party animals, Kenzie and her friend Ozzie go to an underground party. A party that’s not just secretive but also underground. Like any good party, there is a black out. However, during this black out, people start to disappear, including Ozzie. Being the great friend she is, Bo stops her romantic night with Lauren to go help Kenzie find these missing people.

Meanwhile, Dyson is assigned the same case with his new partner, the Dark Fae Tasmin. Dyson calls Bo into the station after realizing she is also on the case and Tasmin starts to interrogate her about a man she killed during the black out, also a Dark Fae. Bo denies this murderous act and tries to tell Dyson and Tamsin about an alligator Fae, Atticus, that she and Kenzie met, along with the strange disease that had affected tons of the Fae.

On her way home, Bo runs into Ozzie who doesn’t remember a thing about his recent abduction. Bo takes him to the Dal because his nose starts to bleed. Luckily, Trick has something to magically uncover the truth of the unconscious to see what happened.

It turns out Ozzie was taken to a shipyard with tons of other Fae, so Kenzie and Bo race there. Dyson learns that these Fae were only meant to be relocated, not quarantined, so he goes to the shipyard to meet Kenzie and Bo. He arrives in the nick of time because his chief, Hamlin, has captured the girls in order to enslave them and feed off them forever. Atticus, the blind alligator Fae, hears Hamlin talking and attacks Hamlin to get back at him for killing Atticus’ wife and child. As he kills Hamlin, the others run away to safety and Hale relocates all the missing Fae to a safe locale.

All would seem well at this point, however during a session with a Weaver Fae, to find out why Bo has nightmares, the Weaver sees something too terrible to say out loud and runs out before Bo gets any real answers.


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