Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3, Episode 13 – Those Who Wander

Bo is torn between saving Dyson and Tasmin, but chooses Tasmin because she needs healing first. While with Tasmin, the Valkyrie tells the Druid, Massimo, she has something that will give Bo energy. He says that Bo is so tired because she’s at the end of her life span. Tasmin and Bo sneak into the lab to get drugs and purposefully get caught so they can get the inside scoop and see how everything works.

Bo and Tasmin are jailed, while Dyson and Lauren are in the midst of giving Issac a Fae-bone marrow injection so that he can be a Fae himself. Issac wanted the injection to be from the strongest Fae, and Bo’s mom Aife told Issac that Dyson was the strongest one in order to save her daughter.

Bo and Tasmin stage a fight in prison and when the guards try to step in, the pair knock them all down. Bo sets all the prisoners free and tries to find Issac to fight. Before she gets to Issac, the scientist tries to kill Bo with a knife but fails. Issac, now a genetically modified Fae, runs away and Dyson chases after him and catches up. It turns out Lauren injected Issac with a weak Fae’s bone marrow, so Dyson is able to easily tear him apart.

Bo’s mother is about to die but is able to suck the chi out of a volunteer to hang onto life a little bit longer. Meanwhile, Hale rescues Trick from the trunk he was in. Stella takes him to Scotland so the two can hide out and avoid trouble for a while.

The charm that Hale gave Kenzi to keep her out of trouble with the Morrigan has been working, but she accidentally lets it spill that Bo has the ability to feed off more than one chi at a time. Kenzi gets talked out of becoming a Fae by the Morrigan’s sidekick, Bruce, as he bribes her with a fancy sports car to go rescue Bo and company.

Unfortunately, the new ride isn’t of use to Tasmin or Dyson. Tasmin battled The Wanderer, and lost, because she was supposed to bring Bo to her. A defeated Tasmin drives her and Dyson home, but sees an image of The Wanderer and shoots at it. The powerful image causes her truck to go sailing off a cliff.

After quite a long day, Bo finally returns home to the Dal only to find it completely empty. Her friends have all either been thrown off a cliff or lost. She finds a card from The Wanderer and all of a sudden glass starts breaking and doors start locking by an invisible presence. Bo yells for him to come out and fight her, but he sucks her out of the world and into another. Her image now shows on the tarot card next to The Wanderer.


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