Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3 Episode 12: Hail, Hale

Bo is at Hale’s inauguration day as Ash, but Lauren is nowhere to be found. Bo goes up to Hale and lets him know Lauren is MIA, but Hale gets raging mad because he told Lauren to stay put.

It turns out that Lauren is just busy finding a miracle heart disease cure and not missing at all. Lauren is just starting to get close to her new employer, Isaac when he starts throwing questions at her about the source of the new heart disease drug. A suspicious Lauren looks more closely at Issac and finds out that he has the genetic material from a succubus. Lauren is worried it belongs to Bo.

Back at the Dal, a bartender has poured poison into Dyson’s drink. He falls over and is quickly taken away by humans acting like paramedics. Bo tries to stop them from stealing Dyson but Kenzi distracts her and Dyson gets taken away. When Bo, Trick and Hale question the bartender about the poison, he denies everything. Bo takes a closer look at the poison container and sees Lauren’s name.

Bo suspiciously goes back to Lauren’s apartment to search for her and the answers to why she is connected with this shady bartender and finds Tasmin there. Bo finds Lauren’s necklace of allegiance to the Ash in a drawer, which is very strange to Bo. Tasmin, now working with Bo, traces Lauren’s phone to a place outside of town. The two head over and Bo finds a jar of pictures of herself in the back of Tasmin’s truck. She pic mails her BFF Kenzi who isn’t much help considering she was just unconscious.

At the inauguration party for Hale as the Ash, The Morrigan has arrived and declared that all humans are terrorists because Dyson was abducted by some, and Lauren’s name is on the poison bottle. As the lone human Kenzi runs for her life, while a stranger named Massimo claims that he’s seen the poison bottle before. He’s been creeping on Kenzi for a while, and she is forced to give him a kiss for information about Bo. She gives in and he says that the bottle will enslave Bo.

Hale is worried Kenzi won’t escape and tries to help her. The Morrigan arrives and he has to lie to get Kenzi out. She goes to find Trick but finds that he has been stuffed into the trunk of a car. As if all this drama isn’t enough, things aren’t going so smoothly at Lauren’s work either and in fact, Tasmin has been shot.

Lauren starts to search for the succubus that has gotten ahold of Issac, but finds Dyson in an underground chamber with tons of other Fae. Lauren is just about to ask Bo about Issac when he appears and tells her that he plans on using the DNA of the trapped Fae on the human race. He locks Bo in with the others and once he leaves, Dyson hears someone asking about Bo. It was the voice of Aeifa, worried sick about her daughter.


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