Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3, Episode 11 – Adventures in Fae-bysitting

Kenzi and Bo are on a mission to solve the mystery of the disappearing adults this week. A town’s trusted babysitter, Lisa, asks the two for help when the parents of the kids she has been looking after start to disappear. There are a surprising amount of leads, being that many people in the town are creepy, but Bo and Kenzi are having trouble placing the blame.

Kenzi asks Trick for help and he lets her know that Lisa is a “duppy,” a spirit that lives on Earth until a greater power tells her kill someone-which she does- then blacks out with no memory of the kill or who told her to do so. While Trick is explaining this to Kenzi, Bo is in the midst of questioning Lisa about one of the parents she babysits for, Sam. During the interview, the sight of a merry-go-round in the air distracts Bo, and Lisa gets away. Bo snaps out of the trance and finds Lisa just as she has killed a book club member. The body disappears and Lisa becomes unconscious.

Bo brings Lisa to the Dal and Trick tells Bo what he just told Kenzi. When Lisa wakes up, Bo tells her she is a Fae killer. The pain of these sudden and unexpected truths to Lisa are softened by tons of alcohol, of course. Lisa learns she is more like Bo than she thought; both have to learn how to control their powers so they don’t kill innocent people.

Kenzi notices Lisa’s vulnerability at hearing this news and offers to babysit Sam’s son, Ethan for the night. While Kenzi is babysitting, Bo meets up with Sam at a neighborhood barbecue and tries to seduce him into telling her he’s the killer, though she gets no answers.

Instead, Caroline Parker, a book club member, notices Bo. She takes Bo to a field where another book club member, Susan, is waiting. The women invite Bo to participate in their witching, and before Bo can answer the day suddenly turns into night. Caroline casts a spell in which Lisa is ordered to kill Sam, which shocks Susan.  Caroline is out to get Sam because of the time he didn’t give into her seducing tactics. Bo and Susan both try to back out, but the spell can’t be broken unless all three women agree. The energy being swirled between the women twirls into a funnel and Susan becomes possessed by a voice saying that she and Bo will soon be rulers.

Back at Sam’s house, Kenzi has just put Ethan to bed when a dazed Lisa waltzes in with a knife looking to kill Sam. Kenzi tries to reason with Lisa but the spell is too strong. Bo manages to break the spell and leaves Lisa with two choices: she can die and come back in 100 years, or the charm that controls her can be destroyed and she will never come alive again. She decides to pick the second choice, so Bo sucks out her chi and burns the talisman.

The long day is finally over, but not for Dyson and Tasmin. The two have decided to investigate Bo’s previous killings of innocent people, but it leads to something much bigger. They end up finding a field of dead Fae, in strange pairings that seem to make no sense. When they look into it further, it becomes clear that something is making the Fae go after each other and kill each other off. Suspicious.


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