Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3, Episode 10 – Delinquents

Bo doesn’t have much time to celebrate her win at the Dawning before another mission arises. This time, Dyson asks her and Kenzi to become counselors at a camp for juvenile delinquents. A camper was just murdered by a mysterious Fae and Dyson wants to get to the bottom of it.

When the two arrive, another murder occurs at the camp and causes quite the stir. Bo escapes the monster’s wrath this time, but she is the one the monster is after. Fortunately, Bo was able to catch a glimpse of the creature so now they know what they are dealing with.

Meanwhile, Tasmin has realized she is in love with Bo, which will only complicate things. Her friend, Acacia, has asked Tasmin to capture Bo and hand her over to The Wanderer. Acacia gives Tasmin a bottle that needs to be filled with one piece of hair from someone Bo loves, two pieces from someone Bo trusts and three pieces from Bo’s own head in order to rid Bo of her powers and bring her to The Wanderer. Tasmin is now put in a really awkward situation, stuck between her love for Bo and her friendship with Acacia.

Apparently love triumphs friendship though, as Tasmin throws the bottle away even though Acacia demands she kill Bo. Later, Tasmin realizes just how serious the situation is when she is delivered a bloody severed hand, Acacia’s hand. She grabs the bottle and sets out to find Lauren to collect her first hair. While she goes to the camp to retrieve the hair from Lauren, she makes it known that the monster after Bo is a tikbalang and that she once shared a kiss with Bo.

At the camp, the campers get together and decide to catch the monster by smoking it out. This idea works and they are able to catch the monster, which turns out to be the head social worker. The feeling of triumph over catching the monster is short lived, however, because they soon realize that tikbalangs only hunt in pairs, meaning there is one still running wild.

Bo finds Lauren who is in the midst of being killed by another camper, the lover of the head social worker. Bo is able to save Lauren, but doesn’t receive the warm thanks she was expecting. Instead, Lauren makes it clear that she is unhappy with Bo and they decide to go on a break.

Lauren and Bo both resort to drinking their sorrows away while Tasmin collects the remaining hair. She has gathered all the hair she needs, but is waiting until the right moment to turn the fateful bottle in.

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