Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3, Episode 1 – Caged Fae

Bo is back and looking as good as ever in the season 3 premiere of Lost Girls, which aired Monday.

Bo’s bank robbery landed her in the all-female Hecuba Prison. The extremely harsh, anti-male prison guards, the Amazons, force the prisoners to wear revealing hot pink prison suits, a welcomed change to the standard orange ones.

Bo gets assigned to the ward doctor, her old flame Lauren. She and Bo are trying to uncover the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the previous ward doctor, and Bo has actually landed in the prison on purpose to build herself a cover.

Before Bo can get a start on uncovering the mystery at hand, the leader of the Amazon tribe takes a liking to her and forces Bo to be her personal maid. This includes tasks such as cleaning the floor in a skimpy maids outfit. Bo finds a secret chamber in the warden’s office that is most likely housing the answer as to the whereabouts of the missing doctor.

BFF Kenzi comes to Hecuba to pay Bo a visit, acting as her lover. Kenzi sneaks a contact lens into Bo’s mouth during a raunchy kiss between the friends so that Bo can get into the warden’s chamber.

Once inside the chamber, Bo finds out all released prisoners have either been recommitted or have disappeared. She also stumbles into her former cellmate who was released. Well, supposed to be at least. Instead, Sylvie is sitting in the basement wide-eyed and hugely pregnant. Bo rushes Sylvie to Lauren just in time for the baby to pop out (at a magically induced sped up time frame, of course).

The baby slides out just as the warden walks in. It’s now clear that the Amazons have been impregnating prisoners and selling the babies. She also admits to killing the previous doctor because she threatened to tell of this baby black market. Because Lauren is a human and Bo is unaligned, the warden tells the guards to kill the two. However, Bo sneaks in a kiss with the warden and reveals…and here is the real kicker…that the warden is actually a man and has been impregnating the women himself.

This, as you may imagine, upsets the Amazon guards who forget about killing Bo and Lauren and go after the warden instead. Bo and Lauren celebrate their win with a steamy make out session just as Dyson and Kenzi arrive to save Bo.

Later, during an intimate chat with Trick, Bo worries that she will be a monster like her dad. He assures her that she will do no such thing. On her way out, Bo picks a random man and sucks out his chi, killing him. Perhaps Bo really is just a killing machine.

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