Recap-lite: The Real L Word, Season 3, Episode 7 – Dream Come True

Danielle – our resident (and best anywhere, EVER) Real L Word recapper – is out this week, so I am stepping in to cover the most recent edition of the lesbian reality TV show. Because I have such talented shoes to fill I’m going to change things up a bit. Instead of a play-by-play with witty commentary, I’m just going to run through what I consider to be highlights of the episode, and why.

Although, I suppose first I should provide a very brief synopsis of what went down.

Whitney and Sara travel to Connecticut to visit with Whitney’s family and tell her 90-something year old grandmother (who helped raise her) that they are getting married. Grandma takes it well so they decide they should make it a legal marriage, whilst in a state where they can, and so Grandma can be present. They do that.Romi decides to pursue an opportunity to get involved in the music industry so she takes her single, “Oh La La La,” and her lack of experience to her/another ex-boyfriend, Dusty. Dusty has “been doing music since he was 16.” Sparks fly between the old lovers and we see the beginning of the play out of yet another very badly kept secret in the lesbian community. On a related note, Kelsey stops by the “Oh La La La” jam session and doesn’t feel threatened by Dusty even though, sometimes, Romi and Dusty just like to stare at one another.Amanda is in New York and meets up with Kiyomi at Laura’s dinner party and I couldn’t care less about any of that. Also, nothing happens.

In the land of things that actually matter in life and should be captured by TV crews for mass viewing, Kacy and Cori are cleared to try again at getting pregnant. They visit with their doctor and we all cross our fingers for them that they get their baby because they REALLY, REALLY deserve it and would make the best parents ever.

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