Recap: Grey’s Anatomy, Season 8, Episode 22 – Let The Bad Times Roll

I’m glad they showed us the progress of everyone’s tests. They all seemed to be matched with the perfect examiners – the ones that would be most likely to fail them, of course.  Kepner got the pair with no empathy for her or her revelations about Jesus, Cristina got the oldest doctor in the universe (who we all know as Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World), and we all know how well Cristina does with the elderly (especially the elderly that like to talk over fences with their neighbors). Meredith got an OK pair that also happened to assume their questions about bowels were making her queasy but then she got to tell them off, accusing them of not being able to handle a little vomit. Karev got the pair who really didn’t even care that they were examiners in the first place and while Karev missed the first session of his exam they talked about last night’s game.  Avery got two douchebags who found his frustration over the ‘noise’ aka his mother being next door pretty funny.

Arizona and Callie get their own little place in this episode since Arizona’s friend comes in for surgery after having cancer for 6 years without treating it at all. Arizona is pissed since he was there for her when Tim passed away and now he was most likely going to die on her too because he didn’t want to burden her with more pain. Callie’s role in this is mostly just doctor and not so much wife, which is understandable until the end, where I think Arizona needs wife more than anything else.

With the three sessions, they are basically allowed to fail one and they get one break. This, of course, gave Karev the time to make it to his boards and get perfect scores on the other sessions. I think the fact that he was with a patient helped him out, especially since it was a kid.  Major sympathy points right there.

I’m sorry, but I knew Kepner failed her boards the second the camera focused on her for the first question. She was bugging out inside, so much that she was sweating profusely. She didn’t know how to get past her first ‘patient’ and she kept talking over her examiners. I was shaking my head every time she kept saying “wait!” I have a hard time watching people embarrass the crap out of themselves and she was definitely doing just that. By the time the break rolled around she ran to the ladies room to try and blow dry (with a hand dryer) herself out. Cristina and Meredith were in the bathroom trying to convince Meredith that she could get past the next sessions without throwing up again. They won’t let Kepner in, so the camera brings us to Avery going into the men’s bathroom, and there’s Kepner yelling at all the men to get over it.

Kepner confesses that she isn’t upset that Jesus hates her now, but that she really liked how sex felt with Avery.  Avery tries to convince her that it’s his fault and he took advantage of her but she swiftly reminds him that she was the one who made a move on him. This is how they spend their ten minute break, making sure that she really did like it. When they go back in Kepner is so far gone in her world of Jesus talk and making the right choices and blahblah that I can’t even watch her attempt to take this test anymore.  I mute it until Avery comes on, and the sex with Kepner seemed to be everything he needed to remind him he was a doctor.

Back at the hospital, we learn that Arizona’s friend most likely won’t live another year while Lexi is having a breakdown of her own. In the morning, Sloan is stunned by Julia when she says she wanted to have a kid with him. They aren’t even living together and I think even all lesbians would agree that she is moving way too fast.  Later that day, Lexi finds out and by the end of their shift she goes up to him and really blows his mind. She repeatedly says I love you. Her speech is kind of beautiful, the way she says she can’t eat or breathe without thinking about him and how he’s a disease inside her. Really though, I like Lexi and I think she deserves to be with Sloan. It’s unfortunate that Julia walks up right when Lexi finishes her speech and Sloan looks like he’s thinking of splitting himself in half to be with both of them. I’m excited for this week’s episode to hopefully show us where that situation ends up.

Back in the examiners room with Meredith, who is now throwing up in a garbage can before answering each question, I can tell that she’ll be fine. She knows all the answers and she’s a boss for going through her exam with the stomach flu. Cristina is crushing her examiners world by saying he’s ancient and all of his ‘old techniques’ aren’t fit for this era.

None of the above matters though because Cristina passes her boards, as does Meredith, Avery and Karev. As I gave away before, Kepner is the only one who failed. That’s kind of awkward for her and Avery’s budding relationship. I mean, that’d probably never work. What also might not be working out anymore are the positions that Kepner was offered that she will definitely not have anymore. Hey, look at the bright side, she’ll still be on the show right? I’m more worried about everyone who passed, what will they do as true doctors now?

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