Recap: Grey’s Anatomy, Season 8, Episode 16 – One Step Too Far

Just to throw this out there, Grey’s Anatomy is the only show that’s able to get away with having a hiatus every other week.

This week we learned about Dr. Hunt’s infidelity, putting his relationship with Dr. Yang at risk. I think it’s safe to say that everyone has had that feeling where they just knew they were right about something. That feeling that sits in their stomach until they find out the truth and then they wish they told someone else so they could be like “See? I knew it all along” – in this case, Cristina knew something was up with Owen and just had to find the courage to ask. To be honest for the past couple of episodes I haven’t been able to stand Hunt anyway so I’d kind of enjoy seeing that divorce take place.

Now that we’ve seen a relationship that’s passed the point of despair we’re brought to Shepard trying to convince Meredith to come back to neuro in a bubble bath. Which is a much better method of communication than cheating, FYI.

I love when Catherine Avery comes back to the hospital. Especially when she brings a sexy doctor named Mara with her. I knew her voice would be thick with an accent before she even opened her mouth. Not only because she was an actress in Outsourced but just because, well, look at her. Mara has her eyes on Avery from the second she meets him and you know what, Avery hasn’t gotten any since Lexi broke his heart so if Mara has to be that straight girl and take one for the team just this once, I’m not going to complain.

It took ten minutes too long for Callie to come onto the screen. Actually, overall Callie and Arizona just don’t have enough time in front of the camera this season. Despite the hungry eye contact that Callie and Arizona share, their lack of screen time won’t cured by a pumpkin scone or a quick reference to the night they spent together. I want to go back to season seven where the episodes were all about them, the heart-wrenching car-crashing traveling back from Africa and pleading for love kind of episodes. I know, it’s nice having a normal lesbian couple on television. But now they’re too normal. It gives me anxiety to sit there and wait for the next scene they’re in together especially when they enter only twice in the entire thirty minutes.

What does happen though, is that multiple brain surgeries end up occurring at once. First, Shepard is pulled from one OR where Lexi is performing her first cyst surgery, while Meredith is observing. Lexi discovers the tumor that Shepard specifically mentioned wasn’t a threat but Meredith thinks it’s reasonable to take it out anyway. So Shepard is called by Karev to save little premature Tommy’s brain after he fixes whatever was going on in the second OR. This is one of those situations where you want to shake Meredith Grey to try to help us understand why she would do something when she really knows she shouldn’t – listen to Derek for once! Meredith comes into Shepard’s OR and is all happy about removing the tumor on the patient and Shepard turns cold and angry.

The 27 year old patient Lexi thought she saved from future surgeries, we could only guess that this would happen, has her speech taken away thanks to an issue during the removal of the tumor. Here’s the lesson, don’t mess with peoples brains when you’re an amateur. Also listen to Derek whenever possible.

We get another glimpse of Callie. She decides to give an animal planet-inspired speech about how Karev’s intern is falling for him. In the end, her gorilla references make as much sense as they possible can but of course Karev isn’t going to listen.

On the other side of the spectrum, Cristina is dealing with a man having to take his husband off life support. That isn’t even that bad, it’s the fact that she has to deal with Emily the hot nurse. Just a side note, the name Emily is in every show, every commercial and everyone needs to stop using it. Not only that but Emily is usually a slut. Why is that? Why does Emily have to be the one that gets accused of sleeping with Hunt? Yes, Cristina actually does that. She turns around after she finally accomplishes her task of taking a man off life support, and asks Emily to stop screwing her husband. Emily admits that yes, she has flirted with Hunt but she’s sorry.

We get another two minutes with Callie and Arizona, taking a picture of Karev and his intern/hot mess of a mother with her son Tommy. You better hold on to that image of Calzona because, unfortunately, they won’t be showing up again.

The episode wraps up with Avery undressing Mara, Dr. Webber complaining about his second soulmate having Alzheimers, Meredith trying to comfort Shepard (where is Zola?) and then the downfall of Cristina and Hunt.

Cristina is waiting up for Hunt, but this time actually is sitting up in bed instead of pretending to sleep. He walks in and says he doesn’t feel like talking but that she needs to know, and she needs to know now. He tells her he loves her so much that it hurts. Literally, it hurts to love her. She admits she accused Emily of sleeping with him and she’s apologizing about it. He stops her and tells her that he didn’t cheat on her with Emily, but with someone else. It isn’t even fair that the episode ended right there. Who has he been hooking up with?

You know what isn’t even fair? We won’t find out until April 5th. Grey’s is taking another break. According to the previews though, Callie and Arizona are actually in the brief description which hasn’t happened in a while. So I can honestly say that knowing they’re in the next episode, Hunt’s confession can wait. Just give me more Calzona.

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