Real L Word Season 3 Cast Officially Announced

Showtime has finally officially announced that season 3 of The Real L Word will begin on July 12th at 10:00 PM ET/PT. They have also made the new (and old) cast official. I’m happy that Kacy and Cori are back, I’m very excited about the NYC/Hunter Valentine additions, and I’m super confused as to how they got Whitney in a dress…

…and heels!

Regardless, here is the full info from Showtime:

Summer’s about to get a bit more sizzling.  SHOWTIME already promised you a hot summer line-up, but now the network is really turning up the heat.  Are you ready to meet the newest cast of The Real L Word?

Season 3 is going bi-coastal and, in addition to some old favorites, here are some East Coast girls you will really get to know come July:

Kiyomi is the ultra-cool, heartbreaking rock star at the center of Hunter Valentine, a Brooklyn-based rock band.  Extremely stubborn and fiercely committed to her music, Kiyomi is trying to balance a relationship at home with the demands of a rock star lifestyle.

Somer is the newest member of Hunter Valentine and still struggling to figure out where she fits in with this band of alpha females.  A self-proclaimed rocker, Somer is trying to hold on to her adrenaline-and-whiskey-infused rock star lifestyle while adapting to the “normal” life that comes with domestication, babies and a new wife.

Amanda is a true New Yorker at heart, but is making the move to the West Coast to reunite with her BFF and partner in crime, Lauren.  She’s a high-end jetsetter and socialite who’s not afraid of calling anyone out who doesn’t make the grade – and as a result finds it difficult to jive with the relaxed SoCal attitude of her new home.

Just because The Real L Word is getting infused with some Brooklyn blood doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the L.A. women you’ve come to know and love.  When the show returns this summer, so too will Whitney, the resident celesbian and core of the series, Kacy and Cori, the married couple still navigating the complicated road to starting a family, and Sara, the stylist and dancer who’s considering making the jump to the Big Apple just when she may have finally captured Whitney’s heart.  And of course there’s Romi, the budding jewelry designer who’s on the outs with Whitney this time around and trying desperately to steer clear of drama while focusing on her career and ever-changing love life.

Still want more?  Then say hello to Lauren, Amanda’s BFF with benefits and a committed bachelorette soaking up all of the fun that L.A. has to offer.  Lauren anxiously awaits Amanda’s arrival, but will she be able to keep her emotions at bay when her New York friend moves in and the non-couple must confront the nature of their relationship?

Watch the video teaser of the upcoming season below and set your alarms, calendars, and DVRs for July 12th at 10:00 PM ET/PT when The Real L Word returns, only on SHOWTIME.

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