Quick Review: Switch, Episode 6

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Episode six is the finale of the series, and it’s Summer Solstice. Grace is faced with a dilemma as Gerry wants to come along thinking it’s a festival. She has to explain to her boyfriend that she’s a pagan witch. Luckily he’s not freaked out, and still wants to meet Grace’s crazy but big-hearted mum, aka Caroline Quentin, who joins them in the English countryside to celebrate – dressed as a squirrel. Stella sees the hilarity: “what’s Gerry going to think of your mum’s naked Solstice dance?” Oh dear.

A relatable joke is made of the event being over commercialised, with insane parking, tent pitching.

As standard, they do a switch to get Grace out of a horrifically embarrassing situation. Luck is up for Jude, however, as her first love texts her keen to meet up.

Hannah despairs as her mum is absent from the trip. Gerry manages to find his way there, however, causing Grace to freak about her mum and (weird) dad’s approval of him. Unfortunately, she happens to meet him at a very inconvenient time – whilst he’s peeing up a statue that’s pretty important in the witch world. Not so smooth. Not to worry, Grace pretends he’s Stella’s boyfriend! Cue the question: “So you’re not a lesbian anymore?” forcing her to going along with the ridiculous cover-up: “No. It was just a 15-year phase.” Convincing…

But her mum fools for it, and makes them King and Queen of Solstice and leaders of the fertility ceremony. Because that’s, er, likely.
As a nice finish to the series, the four girls are the chosen clan for the ceremony. In a final twist they’re hexed and can’t stop swearing and Jude even eats, but all is revealed as to why the clans can’t help fighting.

But the series doesn’t end without some awkward acting from the Kensington witches, in fighting talk between the two clans. ‘Totes cringe’ as screenwriters would have them say. Not to mention some far too blatant jokes forced out by a creepy guy Grace’s mum tries to set her up with. If only the acting had been more subtle and life-like throughout, Switch may not have felt so kids TV.



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