Quick Review: Switch, Episode 5

Special for our UK readers…

This episode brings a lot more laughs, some home truths and gay girl problems to the mix than previous ones. Stella goes speed dating, and doesn’t put up with any shit: “you’ve got a great look but that was shockingly average. NEXT!” In a hilariously stereotypical conversation with an attempt by a 40-something, grey chauvinist, Stella has to fight off his hetero claim that he ‘puts the rev back into Trev.’

“I’m gay.”
“I’m Trevor.”
“No, I’m gay.”
“I like a challenge.”

A few more harsh words later, and he eventually leaves. And later she gets a blind date that turns to be with someone very surprising –who claims anyone would tick the interested in men and women box after the idiots she’s dated. Despairing that her ideal woman on paper is actually her boss, she decides to avoid going down that road, and does a good deed by introducing her to…fellow cat lover, Trevor.
Meanwhile, Jude has called an old friend, i.e. hook-up, over for some daytime fun to distract her from her ex, Gerry, and Jude’s wonderfully perfect relationship, who seem to save their making out time for when she’s in the room. She even asks him out, but sadly he turns out to be a total nutter, so she asks her gay co-worker to pretend to be her boyfriend and make him disappear.

But really Grace is petrified of Gerry’s rejection, as she’s slept with him without being under a confidence spell for the first time. Worrying her phone’s broken, she asks Jude to phone him and ask him over that evening. You might predict Gerry to turn up hoping for sexy time with Jude again, but instead the girls place an honesty spell on him to suss him out for good.

Hannah becomes a tutor, to rich, snobby student Tuppence, who claims Miss Bri can’t teach her anything that will give her an edge for getting into a coven. Turns out Miss-know-it-all has never actually been in a coven, but Hannah knows how to help her out, explaining “you don’t have any friends because you’re a dick.” Oops. But she does have some important lessons about friendships to share. Stella also has a few words of advice: “with a little bit of organization and tenacity, you can get anything” – be it a coven or a girlfriend! Apparently, it’s just about putting the hours in, girls.



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