Q+A with Out Hip-Hop Duo Kin4Life

By Sarah Fonseca

Having been together for over ten years, Kin4Life are a testament to meaningful friendship and quality collaboration. Currently based in Atlanta, the out Mt. Vernon hip-hop duo recently performed at MondoHomo Arts Festival in Atlanta. CherryGRRL had the chance to talk with them about being out in the industry, music videos, and upcoming gigs.

CG: First of all, props for playing Mondo Homo this year. It’s kind of crazy how successful the arts festival has become. What were some of the highlights for you?

Nor: The best part of playing Mondo Homo is seeing people that we met in the past, and creating new fans. There are so many different folk that come to the fest from all over the country. It’s great being surrounded by so many unique personalities.

CG: Compared to Mount Vernon, how has Atlanta treated you artistically?

Nor: Well, Mount Vernon is and always will be home to Kin4Life. There is nothing like hometown love. Atlanta is a great place to network and spread your wings artistically. We continue to work thru the process every day.

CG: In a couple of months, you all will be heading to the Dominican Republic for Inferno, which Kin4Life has performed at in the past. Tell me a little about what that is like.

Nor: Two words: Sexy and intelligent. Those are the only people you will see at Inferno DR.  They treat us great every time we go out there, and the locals are so welcoming and beautiful.  Its the dream you don’t want to wake up from. This is our third year in a row, and we are shooting for a fourth. We will be featured models for the InfernoDR 2013 campaign, so look out for that.

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