Q+A with “Top Chef: Just Desserts” Chef’testant Lina Biancamano

After my favorite little gaymo, Zac, lost in the Top Chef: Just Desserts Season 1 finale, I’ve been waiting for Bravo to debut Season 2 and a new cohort of Team Rainbow contenders to reclaim the crown. This season, which premieres 24 August (10pm est), Just Desserts scored itself a gay lady by the name of Lina Biancamano. A resident of Texas, where she serves as the Executive Pastry Chef at Stephen Pyles, Lina plans to bring it big time for Team Rainbow.

We caught up with Lina this week to ask her about her experience on Just Desserts, about her imminent Bravolebrity status, and the abundance of gay lady cruise invites soon to be in the post, in addition to what she’d bake for a few of our favorite celesbians over here at Cherry Grrl.

So, read on, ladies, and check out this season of Top Chef: Just Desserts—because we need to support our family…and also because there’s a SWEET guest appearance by the chick who played Veruca Salt in the original, Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

CherryGRRL (CG): So, what drew you to Top Chef: Just Desserts? Did you watch the first season?

Lina Biancamano (LB): I have been drawn to Top Chef ever since the first season.  I said if they ever produce a Top Chef: Just Desserts that I was going to be on it. I watched the entire first season but found out about the casting call a little too late, so I knew I was going to go for Season Two.

CG: I love the Top Chef franchise especially for its Team Rainbow component—this season, what kind of Team Rainbow will audiences be getting?

LB: Team Rainbow will definitely be representing!! I’m the only gay girl on the cast (at least that I know of!) but there are a few other diva boys that will surely be keeping audiences entertained!!

CG: What, if anything, did you do to prepare for the challenges that you would face on the show? What kind of training did you put in before heading off to compete?

LB: The only training I did to prepare for the show didn’t have anything to do with my craft. It was more of a mental preparation that I went through. I wanted to prepare myself mentally for anything that was going to come my way through this experience. Just to remind myself to stay grounded and focused.

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  1. Avatar of pagan

    I was underwhelmed by her performance. From what was shown she was somewhat autocratic and non-compromising. As an Afircan American woman I didn’t like the way she treated Melissa at all then accused her of being the one to cause her to be let go. I feel the judges saw the same attitude I observed and I can’t say I’m sorry for the way they responded to her arrogance.

    Avatar of admin2

    admin2 Reply:

    Hi Pagan, I agree with you. Lina did seem terribly condescending,
    especially to Melissa (whose creative idea for “H&G” is the one that I
    preferred, and Lina’s dismissal was utterly bewildering). See the
    Fresh on Friday post for more on Lina’s elimination. I guess it’s a
    good thing she’s been eliminated! Although, this makes me a bit sad
    about Chefbians on Top Chef in general (remember Jamie Lauren’s
    lackluster appearance on All-Stars?)

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