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Who’s interested in learning more about an adorable lesbian folk/pop duo made up of two award-winning songwriters who just happen to be in love with each other? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Meet Lindsay White and Veronica May – aka, The Lovebirds. With solo projects thriving, these two San Diego musicians have come together to create their debut effort as a unit with the release of Nutsy Pants. Give a listen to their album and it’s clear they have talent. Watch their spoof YouTube video and it’s hilariously obvious that they have humor. And keep reading this interview and you’ll see that even when they face challenges, they definitely have what it takes to overcome them, together.

CherryGRRL (CG):  How did The LoveBirds first get started?

We actually have solo projects and we started singing on each others’ songs, at random, at our houses and then we started singing a bit at live shows and then all of a sudden, we just started our own project. We started writing music together – it’s been going on a little over two years.

CG: And you are together romantically…

Yeah, we’re together. We got together around the same time we started writing music together.

CG: Who are your musical influences?

I think we have different ones, but they would be… kind of like the older folk scene: Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Etta James, Billie Holiday. Cher and Berry Manilow!

CG:  Before this collaboration started what were you both doing?

We both had bands, and we both still play solo shows as well. We both have solo albums that were released in the past. We just released our album as a duo. We have another band called The Forget Me Nots – it’s like all 40′s music style.

CG: Was there always music is your households growing up?

Lindsay: I was always singing in church and that coupled with Dad always listening to really good music around the house, I eventually just grabbed a guitar and figured out how to play it. And I was a nerd – I was really into writing short stories and poetry and I think that just naturally progressed into songwriting.

Veronica: My mom was the church organist since she was 12 actually so I always sang in a choir with her. Also, my parents were in a 70′s band called The Flatlanders and then my mom was in an all female 80’s band called Nightbirds. They were like full unitard spandex. So I’ve always been around music.

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    The Lovebirds album Nutsy Pants dropped today online! Here’s the link http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nutsy-pants/id515293372

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