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This might be a little early but you’ll need just about a year to foam at the mouth for this. The new Xbox system is coming. It might be called the 720, the 8, or the Infinity. Infinity is pretty sick;  personally I think they should put the word Xbox as a subtitle since they’re really updating their system. Maybe, Infinity by Xbox, or simply 720. How about them apples, Xbox?

It has been said this new Xbox will be focused mostly on motion detection or Kinect and for the controller it can’t be changed too much. Xbox players would be the opposite of thrilled to give up one of their favorite aspects about their console.  I think I touched briefly before about Microsoft’s patent for a 360 gaming experience.  What I didn’t mention is the glasses that might come with it hooked up through Wi-Fi. This isn’t definite that it will be coming along with the new hardware but you never know.

VG247 has stated the system will be as swift as two PCs.  We’re a year early here trying to figure out what that could possibly mean but there are sites that try to decipher it (such as the one mentioned earlier). The specs will obviously improve since everyone is expecting something mind-blowing. If PS4 is coming out around the same time, which would have to be a different article, and the newly released Wii U, the system should be loaded with new specs to make you forget about their competition.

Something interesting I’ve read about the system is that it’s coming with a Blu-ray drive and some type of DVR system. If you don’t really understand the whole Blu-ray deal it’s basically described as the difference between VHS and DVDs but from DVDs then there are Blu-ray discs. With this DVR system you’re probably wondering how Xbox could hold all these wonderful downloads etc. Well they’re updating the system’s GB size, or at least they have to.

Keep your eyes open for new leaked documents and Xbox experts accidentally leaking information like they have been for the past few months.

Everything I’m reporting on, I’m expecting Microsoft to surpass my thoughts by about 50 times so next Christmas don’t come back to this article, raise your eyebrows and say, “You were so wrong.”

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