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The fact that I forgot to place this on my Christmas list really upsets me.  I’ve actually been subconsciously waiting forever for it.  The Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer by Hammacher Schlemmer connects wirelessly to any phone. Yes, there’s no fighting between iPhones and Android, this printer is for everyone.

You’ll be able to print from anywhere in the home via Wi-Fi and you don’t even need to buy ink cartridges. It’s the 4” by 6” paper that you’ll need to continue replenishing. The picture resolution is 300 dpi with 16.7 million colors. Now you’re confused, how can you print without ink cartridges? I asked the same question. This special paper cartridge is embedded with colors which somehow (sorry the technicalities are unbeknownst to me) produces borderless and beautiful pictures.

So many people here in the city don’t have printers and use places such as Staples or college tech labs to waste their paper and not theirs. Mostly because they don’t have the room for a printer, it’s too expensive, or it’s too much of a hassle. Hassle meaning you can’t connect it wirelessly so you have to connect the wire to your computer every time you need something printed. Well, this printer is only 3 pounds and easy to travel with since no cords are required. It’s simple to replace the paper cartridges since, you know, it’s paper. You can order more ‘cartridges’ with the product when you buy it or order them online when you’re running low. They aren’t hard to find.

Everyone needs something this simple in their lives. If it isn’t too late for you like it is for me, You should send out a mass e-mail reminding anyone who didn’t get you a gift yet to buy it for you. It’s worth it, it isn’t overly expensive and it’s easy. Come on people, this is the printer of all printers this year!

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