Nerdy Grrl Report: Useless Futuristic Items Needed in the Present

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Hundreds of years ago societies believed that by today we’d have flying cars, or something. Even though it’s said that every two years technology is amped, I’m kind of angry. Why don’t we have time travel? Have you ever seen those Nokia concept phones that have holograms and can sense you’re eating an apple so it tells you the calories? Why have I been watching that YouTube video since YouTube itself was created?

Here are a few futuristic things that I believe we should already have today:

1.    Futuristic Wall Paper that Lights Up

You know what this kind of reminds me of? That scene from ‘The L Word’ when Jodi took down Bette at her art show.  This might make you a little wary of having walls that light up around you, but these are preset. Imagine walking into a room without lamps and lights hanging from the ceiling. Instead you can set the mood with your wallpaper.

2.    Concept Virtual Kitchen Assistant, aka ICE

This is an absolute necessity. Whenever I set the table I put down a bottle of wine in the center and hope everything looks nice. This is a gadget that illuminates your kitchen table via laser projector.  The ICE scans the table and can help create your meal/table set up.

3.  Chewing Gum Charger

It sounds as weird as you think it is. You can’t actually chew it but here’s an image for you: the charger is set in a pack that they’d sell in vending machines on the street. You take out one just like you’d take out a piece of chewing gum then remove the sticker and place it on the back of your gadget. This charges your phone. Pretty awesome, huh?

4.  ‘Coffee hot everywhere-concept’

OK, this is a must-have. Apple calls it the iCup. This special cup can heat up your drink if you have a USB cable. The Apple logo on the front lights up when your hot drink is, well… hot. The color changes from cold to warm to hot so it won’t cause a lawsuit when it gives someone third degree burns.

Is there something you wish we could have already? I think this list could get pretty long.

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