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Where do you watch “television”? Online? On your phone? Tablet? Or, actually on a television? The definition of what we call television today is pretty vague. Do you still think of the box you sit in front of on a couch? Or are TVs transforming into something that shouldn’t even be called a TV anymore? Even though the name might be strange, you must have heard about SmartTVs by now. Smartphone, SmartTV; I feel these are all mini-transitions into what’s to come in the future where ‘phone’ and ‘tv’ are a thing of the past.

Just as many of us are realizing, we use our smartphones for our most basic needs. Even when we think we have 3293 apps and can go into the setting to turn on the power saving mechanism we don’t really use them. There are ways your phone can locate a loved one or even get warnings sent to your phone about incoming hidden cameras on the highway that track your speed before you get a ticket, but this is a much different article. This is just relating it to the fact that SmartTVs are gorgeous, yes. They’re mesmerizing in fact. Underrated, actually. Even though you aren’t bringing around this thing in your pocket, it has some extreme mobility. Have you ever been to the menu of a SmartTV? It’s like going through a corn maze except the corn is apps and options.

Back in May, Bang & Olufsen made headway with the largest 3-D SmartTV and introduced it to the U.S. after Moscow. This TV, it’s $1,000 per inch. The SmartTV is 85 inches. If you’re really that terrible at math, it’s around $85,000 dollars for a plasma TV. Not including tax. Or the shutter glasses that transform it from 2-d to 3-d. Plasma screens are also known to fade with age. Eighty-five thousand for something that doesn’t last forever is really just making you looking like a big douche bag. B&O thought of that, though, and created a little camera-bearing robotic arm hidden behind the middle of the screen, every 100 hours of use it calibrates the screen.

This is most likely what your kids or your kids kids will be watching for a reasonable price. They’ll be interacting with their TVs like Kinect and Wii U’s never existed. A robotic camera will basically be resetting your TVs lifespan, come on. You can be a little jealous for growing up a few generations too early.

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