Nerdy GRRL Report: The Best Weather Apps Right Now

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For your iPhone:

There have been some complaints about the inaccuracies on the default iPhone weather app.  For example, today at one point the iPhone weather application claimed it would be almost 60 degrees here in New York. When in reality its high was 41.

This new application is free for only a limited time. It’s called the Weathercube. It’s an iOS app that has 6 sides filled with weather information. The six sides have three sides dedicated to the weather happening right now, tomorrow’s weather, hourly and a 6 day forecast.

Instead of running to Facebook or Twitter to tell the world it’s going to snow, or be sunny, or drizzle there’s a simple touch-to-share button built in the application itself.

For your Android:

If there are any complaints about weather applications on Android it’d be that there are just too many. How is one supposed to find ‘the best’ weather app if there’s an unlimited amount from ‘InstaWeather’ to ‘Optimistic Weather’ that keeps up your mood when the weather really sucks.

The two most talked about weather apps for Android would be the WeatherBug app. Remember Weather Bug? It used to sit on your desk top and alert you when wind was coming. Then there’s Eye in Sky Weather.  This application is really straight-forward and has all the basics on the main screen for you. Swipe to the right and you get the next 15 days, to the left you get the next 48 hours. Whether or not (pun so intended) you keep on your GPS, Eye in Sky Weather will most likely and very accurately discover where you’re located so you’ll get the most accurate weather possible.

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