Nerdy Grrl Report: Speaking of the Future

If the beautiful weather and thriving lesbian community didn’t already have me wanting to move to California, this does. Self-driving cars were legalized a couple of weeks ago.

Once the news came out, ex-BMW design chief Chris Bangle had some ideas of what these new designs should look like.  Apparently the ones that are out now look too much and act too much like a car.

Since, you know, by 2020 we won’t be driving our cars but being driven around (if you’re a millionaire and live in a secluded community because you know we won’t be seeing these as a mass production anytime soon) there won’t be anymore need for a steering wheel. This is pretty awesome, but who would actually trust not having a second option if our cars decide to turn into robots with a bad incentive? I’d still need some control.  Bangles also discussed how the seats should change further into looking more like bus seats. I don’t know how buses are in CA but in NY they’re really not something I’d want to be sitting in every day.

I think Bangles is thinking too far in the future since his next proposal would be called the “Invisible Mercedes,” using LED lights to camouflage itself wherever it may be. I don’t even have anything sensible to say about this. God forbid I walk into the street and can’t see a car coming.

So, I’m not completely doubting these self-driving cars, it is more of a situation in which I need to see it to believe it. Really, I’m serious, I’d move to California if this actually came out onto the road.  Imagine what this could be like for road trips? Driving with friends would be like sitting in a coffee shop after you key in where you need to go.  You could text while you drive, drink while you drive. Hell, you can sleep while you drive. Samsung would need a new sticker on new phones and PSAs wouldn’t even know where to turn.

I’d embrace it.



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