Nerdy Grrl Report: Let’s Talk About Eye-Scrolling


What do you see when you think of future cell phones? There’s talk of cell devices being implanted inside you so you’ll be able to make phone calls at the blink of an eye. In more present terms, as in this year, Samsung has presented us one of new versions of the Galaxy S. There’s one feature that’s been making headlines: Eye-scrolling. Yes, that’s EYE not ‘I,’ this has nothing to do with Apple. Samsung has trademarked the idea and are going headwind into crushing the competition.

This kind of revolutionary new feature is most likely one of the results of putting so much money into R&D. Android spent 10.6 billion dollars on research and development while Apple only reached 3.4 billion.

You’re curious about this ‘Eye-scrolling’ aren’t you? Here’s how it works: let’s say you’re reading an article, a book or anything involving scrolling down. All you have to do is move your eyes up or down (probably works best if you move your head) and the page goes where you want it to go. There will be settings that will help you personalize it as you wish so the scrolling could go slower or pick up its speed. It’s a remarkable tact that is sure to get lots of people excited.  The only other thing that I can think of that senses eye movements are those awesome locks in movies with expensive labs where the only way you can get in is if you rip the appropriate person’s eye out and use it to be scanned.  It’s rumored that this might even be a way to lock/un-lock your new Galaxy.

Ok, ok, so Samsung may have trademarked the words, “Eye Scroll” and “Eye Pause” (when you turn away from the screen, if you’re watching a video it’ll pause) but according to the NYTimes, uMoove, a start-up company, has been developing this type of technology for three years and they’ll be offering it to companies such as Apple in the future.

Bloomberg has disputed the claims that eye-scrolling will be at its fullest potential when it first comes out with the Galaxy S 4 in the next few months, but soon enough with a little work; Eye Scrolling will be the new best too-lazy-too-use-my-hands feature. Get excited!

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