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            Technology changes every two years. Just comparing the iPhone 4 that was released the June of 2010 and the iPhone 3G from 2008; the difference is so major that even seeing the 3G reminds someone of the ‘old days.’ Blackberry has been around since 1999, but their Curve series that began in 2007 changed greatly within two years. RIM was getting rid of the little white touch balls and replacing them with black touch pads. Then, of course, there’s Android. The Captivate came out in 2010 which is pretty much the first generation of Galaxy devices and not everyone would recognize it if they saw it. In 2012, they came out with the Galaxy S III, in which one out of every nine people buying a smart phone chose the S III for its display size and updated software.

            The whole point of this is to show you phones are always changing, but you aren’t even close to ready for what Android has to bring you in the first half of this year. Instead of using glass for their smart phone, they’ve switched to something called plastic polymer. What is this plastic polymer? It’s made so your display can bend and even roll. Flexible displays have been a concept for at least a decade. If this bending feature were brought up a few years ago, consumers would make a joke out of the concept. The race has been on for quite some time for the first brand to get the concept into a world where it could actually be used by its customers. Instead of an AMOLED screen it’s simply called an OLED screen, standing for: organic light-emitting diodes.

There has been talk of dates of the Galaxy Skin’s release. This is a fitting name, don’t you think? It could be in March or anytime in early Spring. All we know is that it’ll be touching down within the beginning of 2013. Sometimes it’s best to wait until new designs like these are tested by the first round of buyers and then when the update comes out you shouldn’t have any problems. For some of us though, it might be hard to not be that person with the next best thing right away.

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