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There’s a lot of talk right now going on about Facebook Home. It’s all over your social media whether you like it there or not. If your friends aren’t saying something about it the ads in your face once you log on to Facebook are.

Here’s a quick video link if you’d like the short version of what this phone has to offer you: Facebook Home Video

So, as the arguments may go, the Facebook Home is an interface for Android users. You don’t even have to buy this new phone that looks like every other Android out there, you can buy the interface on Google Play. The argument of that is: this phone/interface is no help at all to Apple. So there are three companies benefiting, Google, Facebook and Android. Some are having trouble understanding that Apple is the odd one out.

Instead of having to go into your phone to click on the Facebook app, when you have this new Home interface it will be there right on your home screen. Literally your friends faces will be there or their dogs will be there or their Grandparents or.. you get the point. For some this might be a little strange since not everyone on Facebook might not be a close friend.

When you get a notification from someone, like a message or a phone call, their profile picture will pop-up on your screen instead of a little message box. The cool part about this is something called Chat Heads. You can be doing anything on your phone, writing up a grocery list, exploring the web – and a little bubble comes up with their picture for you to click on. Without completely exiting whatever you’re working on, you click on the bubble and it takes you to the text or FB message.  It’s sort of like the pop-up play feature some new Android phones have that let you watch videos as your surfing the internet.

When Mark Zuckerberg announced the FB Home ‘experience’ he asked, “What would it feel like if our phones were designed around people, not apps?”

The HTC First is the first (hah) phone to come pre-downloaded  the Home interface. It comes out April 12th. If you get it, write about it! Everyone wants to know  what this experience is really about.


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