Music Spotlight: Meet Sleepy Vikings

CG: So you have 5 girls and 1 guy and 2 of the girls identify as queer. How does your lone male handle all this varied female energy?

SC: Conner has to put up with all of us dancing in the van to Spice Girls.

NS: I don't think it bothers him all that much.  He was in Giddy-up, Helicopter, which was a similar set-up... so he's been doing this for a while.  He is ... for lack of a better word, awesome.  Very patient, understanding, and great at resolving conflicts.  I commend him.

CG: Creating music with 6 personalities can’t be easy. What’s that process like?

NS: Generally, one of us will have an idea and we will use it as a base.  And layers begin to collectively add up on top of the base idea.  Song structures are sometimes complete but sometimes just start with a simple guitar riff that is built upon.

CG: Your debut album, They Will Find You Here, was released last month. What was that like for all of you to finally have that first release?

NS: It's exciting, obviously.  We don't know what's going to happen with this record but we've put a lot of time and heart into it.  It'll be worth it, I think, if it makes any kind of impression; even on just a couple of people.  We don't expect to become an overnight sensation from this album - it's mostly a collection of songs that we strongly believe in and want to share with anyone that will give the time to listen to them.

CG: So speaking of those songs, what kinds of themes are explored on this album?

NS: Death, adolescence, the notorious B.I.G., uncontested divorce, vermin (our practice space has a rat problem), horse towns, Rick Scott (he is not a feminist).

CG: You’re heading out on tour this month. What will the vibe be like on the road amongst all of you?

NS: Probably as it always is; Conner will do the majority of the driving, Sandi will sleep the majority of the time, Ryann will do art related things, Tessa will play horrible music and Sandra and I will hopelessly try to connect to the internet while sitting in the backseat.

This is our first major tour.  We've had small stints before, like SWSX, CMJ, and NXNE.  This will probably be the most straining tour as it's 19 days of music playing with no break.  Get to a city, get to a venue, unload and play a show, find a place to crash, and off to the next city the next day.  Some days we drive 8 plus hours, some days we have more than one show, so I’m positive it'll be stressful, but I'm sure the experience will be a fulfilling one.  We've been looking forward to this for a few months now because the opportunity to play in places we've never played in is a great one.  We just hope that a few people will like us.


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