Movie Review: Girl Seeks Girl (Chica Busca Chica)

Forget Los Angeles…the lesbians in Madrid, Spain are where it’s at. Where there was Shane, there is now Nines. The comic relief of Alice has been replaced by the adorable Ana. The Planet is now the happening hotspot, Chica Busca Chica. Spain’s answer to The L Word, the webseries Girl Seeks Girl (Chica Busca Chica), may just be everything that The L Word never quite was, and more.

Girl Seeks Girl, now out on DVD from Wolfe video, is a sexy and hilarious lesbian soap opera that follows an entertaining group of ladies as they date, party, and work their way through the lesbian scene in Madrid.

The series stars Celia Freijeiro as Nines, the bartender at the local dyke bar who has drawn comparisons to the infamous Shane character that we all know and love. Nines, however, has all of the seductiveness, effortless coolness, and general allure of our Shane without the tortured, dark, and depressing elements. Nines has a smile that permeates through the screen and a way about her that – even through subtitles – would make any viewer contemplate moving to Madrid.

The series centers around Nines, who has found herself stuck in a relationship with the clingy and neurotic Monica (referred to as “Psycho Monica” around the clubs), who has an old roommate named Carmen and a new roommate named Ana. In the opening scene Nines meets Carmen after a night with Monica and, despite the fact that Carmen declares herself as straight and has a boyfriend, the majority of the sexual chemistry throughout the rest of the series begins with that meeting. Nines starts her journey of pursuing Carmen while simultaneously trying to break up with Monica and teach newcomer lesbian, Ana, the tricks of the trade.

Carmen’s cheating boyfriend Jorge, Nines’ complicated relationship with her ex/boss, Monica’s career as a Judo coach to a narcoleptic, and Ana’s disastrous missteps during her first attempt at a lesbian relationship all lend to making Girl Seeks Girl one of the most refreshing, fun, and intelligent shows (now a full-length film) about lesbians to premiere in a very long time.

Directed by Sonia Sebastian, Girl Seeks Girl has a heart, humor, and addictive quality that made it a hit at the film festivals and make it a DVD that every lesbian should own.

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