Lez Review: May 9-15

…a synopsis of the past week’s news; not all the porn in Bin Laden’s “mansion” can amount to THE GAY in this column!

Hello Cherry Grrls!

Still wondering which “TV personality” is coming out this week?

Well, me too.

Here’s to hoping it’s a woman. I’m tired of all these guys coming out.

(What I know: it’s not Robin Roberts (alas!) or Anderson Cooper (who already has a publicist and who has not hired Howard Bragman). Whoever it is will be interviewed by Mike Signorile on his Sirius Radio show this coming Tuesday, 17 May.) [UPDATE: The "TV Personality" is CNN's Don Lemon, who came out this morning.]

Lez Get to the News!

An old po-po station in Chicago will be turned into a housing development for gay seniors; Amazon has donated $25G to Lambda’s annual Writer’s Retreat; civil unions legislation was signed into law (it will take effect 1 Jan, 2012) in Delaware, while legislators in Minnesota voted in favor to place the issue of banning gay marriage on next year’s statewide ballot.

Classy, Minnesota. Classy.

Guess some of ye are, like newly announced GOP presidential candidate and notorious adulterer, Newt Gingrich, afraid of that “gay and secular fascist agenda”….

(See CD’s column for more activist news!)

Marlee Matlin and John Rich have advanced to the final round of Celebrity Apprentice. I’m going to go ahead and call this one for Marlee, for two reasons: 1) she was the only contestant to “roast” the Donald earlier in the year at Comedy Central and 2) she always calls him boss on the Twatter.

Speaking of Marlee, and, specifically, to recall her amazeball stint on The L Word as Jodi Lerner, what’s the sign for “lesbian”? Do any of ye remember the sign lesson she gave to Alice during an episode of “Alice in Lesboland”?

Well, if you can’t, here’s an image to refresh you memory:

I love how this image has been filed under “There are Statues of People, Thinking about Lesbians.” This is, fyi, also a common pose that academidykes strike in symposia and seminars around the world—I know, because I am one.

The GLAAD Media Awards were held in San Francisco this weekend, hosted by Santana Naya Rivera. The Kids Are All Right was awarded “Outstanding Film” and Kim Cattrall was honored with the Golden Gate Award for acting like a gay male in drag on SATC for having “increased visibility and understanding of the LGBT community.”

Here’s Naya’s opening from the Awards—I say yes to “lady kisses”…wherever:



After a week of promoting both his documentary and his memoir, Chaz Bono has another reason to celebrate: he’s engaged to his girlfriend, Jennifer Elia.

Velvetpark has done a spectacular job covering the discourse surrounding what I’ve been calling the “Advent of Chaz.” Transman Nick Krieger wrote a brilliant response to this advent/event. Here’s an excerpt of my favorite bit:

I’d like to know where Bono confirmed the “gender in your brain and gender in your body” theory. Sure, researchers are looking for hard proof of transsexualism, but they are having about as much success as they are in finding a definitive “gay gene” or “gay brain” structure in homosexuals. The nature vs. nurture debate will continue in gay and lesbian research circles just like the essentialist vs. cultural construction debate will continue in gender research circles. To fall completely to one pole as Bono does with essentialism is to ignore the very complicated topic of gender presentations, expressions, embodiments, roles, and identities as lived in our culture. To Bono’s claim of mismatched alignment for transgender people, this is a gross misrepresentation of all of us.

O.M.G. Nick Krieger I love you.

The Real L Word’s Whitney and Guinevere Turner have signed on to star in the upcoming Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?

Yes, that Whitney—the one with the creamed corn dreds.

And, yes, I said “Vagina.”

On that note, this column IS OVER!

~Marcie Bianco


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