Lez Review: May 30 – June 5

…a synopsis of the past week’s news—no need to get all Lesmotional.

The Power of the Clam Returns!

Didja watch, Cherry Grrls? Didja, didja?

Or did ye, due to lack of Showtime, get stuck watching Bieber getting all makey-outey with Selena Gomez at the MTV Movie Awards?

June is Pride Month, sooooo: Happy Pride Month, ladies! Festivities have kicked off both stateside and abroad (this past Saturday thousands of people gathered for the Athens Pride Parade in Greece—I wonder how many plates where broken? Or, as Hannah Hart, as Super Mario, would drunkenly say, “It’s not racist to make fun of countries in Europe!”)

Los Angeles has decided to rename Pride Month “LGBT Heritage Month”—which, honestly, is kind of confusing. “Heritage” is typically defined as inheritance or ownership through birth, and, well, 1) I don’t believe lifestyles are genetic and therefore 2) neither can they be passed down through birth. (Otherwise, I’d love coc*, be a cheerleader, and iron my hair like my mother.) Clearly, this is my own Nietzschean-inspired opinion—for all you Church of Gaga Followers, rock on.

Back to LA: Wanda Sykes received the Hope of Los Angeles Award as a part of the city’s Heritage Month festivities. Afterward she appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight and spoke openly about living two minority statuses:



This totes reminds me of her hilare joke from her I’ma Be Me HBO Special:



Speaking of funny ladies, Tig Notaro (along with her friends Kyle and David) has a new podcast series, Professor Blastoff. Watch Tig be all cute-n-stuff while providing a synopsis of the program, HERE.

(Tig, PLEASE GAY MARRY ME. Kthxbye.)

Due to a case of laryngitis, Adele has canceled the rest of her tour (sorry San Francisco, L.A., San Diego, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Asheville, and Nashville). So, now you’ll just have to continue to listen to 21 on repeat, but I recommend not listening to it in public because you might just turn into a sobbing mess while riding the bus and then, well, FACEPALM.

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