Lez Review: May 16-22

…a synopsis of the past week’s news, filled with gay-rapture—cuz that biblical one was, like, a total EPIC FAIL.

Hello Cherry Grrls! I’m writing this column whilst watching The Billboard Music Awards, which have been unsurprisingly boring, save Beyonce’s performance…and Britney’s.

That’s right. Britney—who joined Rihanna onstage for a performance of S&M, in addition to performing later in the show.

Speaking of awards, I’m giving the state of Tennessee the Douche-nozzle of the Week Award  (Rhode Island comes in second for their lameball “civil unions” bill). Why? Well, Tennessee’s Senate successfully passed a ban on the word “gay” from all discourse—at least, in schools. In response, gaymo George Takei released this video:



Hey ladies, “it’s ok to be Takei.”

And, in case you’re worried, “it’s not gay, if it’s in a three-way,” according to Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and Andy Samberg:



….well, it’s undoubtedly gay if all the participants are of the same sex, no?

This week’s SNL with Justin and Gaga (who, fyi, will perform this Friday in Central Park as a part of the Gay Morning America summer concert series) was excellent—you can check it out in full over at Hulu.

We all know that everyone was buzzing about Roseanne’s column in New York Magazine this week, but have you checked out the seksi photos and Q&A with JD Samson and Kathleen Hanna over at xoJane? ZOMG, I squeed!

There’s also a hilare column over at Crazytown about the significance of honoring the relationship that you’re in—with honesty, and a good sense of humor. I highly suggest it for everyone who’s ever been in a relationship or plans to be in a relationship. Seriously.

I know you’re wondering, “Is there a Winner of the Week?” Well, it seemed like there was an endless chain of male sports-people who came out this week, but there’s one definitive winner: People magazine editor Janet Mock, who is not only hawt, but bravely came out as trans.


Ever been interested in seeing a snapshot of the brain as the body achieves orgasm? Well, a couple of researchers were curious at Rutgers-Newark, and they published their findings at the New Scientist. Here’s a snapshot of the brain’s increased activity (from point A to point B)—over “30 areas of the brain [were] activated,” from “start to finish,” “including those involved in touch, memory, reward, and even pain”:



John Rich, unfortunately, beat out Marlee Matlin on The Celebrity Apprentice and this coming week is the mega-finale week of the TV season, including the crowning of a new Biggest Loser (and Jillian’s last BL episode, nota bene), the awarding of the mirrorball on Dancing with the Stars, and the season finale of Glee.

Also – in upcoming events news – Memorial Day Weekend is approaching and with it will come the Lightning in a Bottle Festival in Silverado, CA (5/25-30). Morgan will be there to capture all the fun and all the underground music highlights. For more info visit: http://lightninginabottle.org.

See ye next week!


- Marcie Bianco


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