Lez Review: March 26 – April 1

A synopsis of the past week’s news… Dinah Do, Dinah Done

So four years ago, I traveled out to Palm Springs just a wee little Dinah Virgin. I had heard the stories about Club Skirts’ epic girl party in the desert, but I really didn’t know what to expect. Now, having experienced the madness firsthand, several times, I’ve learned many things. 1) There are an insane amount of women at Dinah. 2) The large majority of these women are highly intoxicated, all day long. 3) There is an event of some kind going on pretty much around the clock for 3 days straight. 4) You will never make it to all of these events if you plan to sleep, at all. And finally, 5) If you want to cover Dinah for your media outlet, send Morgan Hildebrand. Now, assuming my girl makes it back to LA in one piece, we’re all in for some great footage of the 22nd annual Club Skirts The Dinah very soon. Until then, quick highlights:

  • CherryGRRL’s Insane Live Dinah Dating Gay-me with cast members of The Real L Word was – for lack of a better, not-just-used, word – INSANE. To all the Dinah-goers who came out to support and play, thank you, and I’m sorry the room wasn’t larger. Damn, girls REALLY like Whitney Mixter, Rose Garcia, Romi Kingler, and Kelsey Chavarria. HUGE “thank you!” to Whitney for co-hosting the hell out of the madness with CG’s Morgan. But seriously, hundreds of drunken girls + The Real L Word cast = needed a bigger room.
  • Rye Rye, Chaka Khan, Nina Sky, Dev, and many more killed it with their performances – night and day.
  • Congrats – I think – to the new cast members of The Real L Word who were on location with their film crews. Very cool addition: NYC’s Hunter Valentine!
  • Fortune Feimster should host everything, always.

But in all honestly, I think I set the world record for in-and-out Dinah time so seriously, stay tuned for Morgan’s coverage of the pool parties, red carpets, and general nonsense… coming soon here on CG.

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