Lez Review: June 14-20

…a synopsis of the past week’s news, for all the “Real” Lesbians with luminous lady parts.

Ok, Cherry Grrls, am I wrong, or does Tracy, of The Real L Word, have a glowing crotch? I’m not quite sure how to interpret this representation of her lady parts in the show’s advertisement: is it complimentary, as in her lady parts are tasty like sweetness and light? Or, is it derogatory, as in she has a raging case of Lindsay Lohan fire-crotch? (Nota bene, I’m sure Lindsay’s crotch is just lovely; I am alluding to Brandon Davis’s oft quoted, drunken statement, “Lindsay Lohan is a fire crotch.”)

The series premiere of The Real L Word, for those of you living in a cave that lacks advertisement space, was last night (6/20). Even before its premiere, the show was aswirl in controversy; from all corners of the lesbo-net and beyond (even that bastion of political levity, the Washington Post chastised the show for “cling[ing] to stereotypes of its own invention and self-regard”), politically-correct lightening bolts have struck the show, its characters, and its creator, Ilene Chaiken. Ok, so, season 6 of The L Word should be erased from our collective consciousness, but, to all the critics who whine about the “lack of diversity,” I suggest you rethink Chaiken’s words about what diversity means in her creative universe. Diversity is inherent in the show because every woman is an individual; diversity is thus understood on the micro-level of the individual person and not on the macro-level of socio-cultural affiliation (ie, “black,” “asian,” “latina,” etc). And, frankly, this is a wonderful, radical way of understanding “diversity” in a culture determined to segment individuals into (for the most part) binary groups.

The two major news events this past week were the Prop 8 trial and the Gulf Oil Spill (and Obama’s televised response later in the week). Closing arguments of Perry v. Schwarzenegger were heard in a California district court late in the week, in the trial set to determine the legality of Proposition 8. Check out the video of NCLR Executive Director, Kate Kendell, giving her interpretation of the closing arguments and what lies ahead in the future of marriage equality.

After mystifying Congress with his refusal to provide specific details about the oil disaster, BP’s chief executive, Tony Hayward (pictured right), made another stupendous gaffe in his decision to attend a yacht race instead of concerting his efforts to find a solution to the crisis in the Gulf. The problem, Cherry Grrls, stems from the fact that the well was dug so deep into the ocean floor that BP has no clue how to cap it. So, the well continues to leak oil—approximately 35,000 to 60,000 gallons a day—and BP’s only response is that they’ll find a way to stop the leak by August. By August.  Nice. Obama, truth be told, couldn’t offer a solution to the America people either, and instead ended his televised statement with a weird call to prayer—a part of me was hoping he’d pull a Hulk Hogan and also implore Americans to take their vitamins in conjunction with prayer. (continued on next page)

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