Lez Review: July 18 – 24

…a synopsis of the past week’s news—read it, or consider yourself a DEB.

This past Sunday was a big day for lesbians across the United States: you could officially hold hands (in San Francisco, no less!) and get gay-married (in New York, among a handful of other states where gay marriage is already legal).

Of course, I’m alluding to the infamous “hand-holding incident” at San Fran’s Contemporary Jewish Museum (at the Gertrude Stein exhibit, no less!), in which a guard told two lesbos that they couldn’t hold hands. This Sunday, the Museum decided to make amends by declaring the day to be “Hand-Holding Day.”

I’m also alluding to Sunday being the first day that homo-couples could get gay-married in New York State. (It’s projected that all this gay-marrying will bank $155mil for the state, to boot.) Look! Here’s proof that all this gay happiness is totes fer realz: a picture of Phyllis-n-Connie, the first lesbian couple (an old-er couple, of course, to reiterate that we, too, can be “dedicated” partners-for-life) to get hitched:

By 8:30am, at Manhattan’s Office of the City Clerk, there were a gaggle (a flock? a clam row?) of dykes waiting to exchange their vows:

(@GLAAD has much evidence of gay-marriages!)

Call me a bitter, unfeeling dyke (go ‘head, I do), but I’d much rather have been in San Diego for Comic Con than in NYC to see all these happy couples.

Why Comic Con? Because of the amount of awesomeness going on in one location! Master Joss Whedon had his own panel (watch it, HERE); Lucy Lawless answered questions about season two of Spartacus (HERE); and KStew convinced me that her version of Snow WhiteSnow White and the Huntsman—is going to be AMAZING, as evinced by her donning a sword and shield in this promo-pic:

To take a serious turn: Congress has yet to reach an agreement with the President over the budget and, in particular, the question of raising the debt ceiling; a conservative zealot went batsh*t crazy in Norway this weekend, setting off a deadly bomb in downtown Oslo and then proceeding to slaughter over 80 children at a summer youth camp on a nearby island; and Amy Whinehouse died at the age of 27.

Re Whinehouse, who, up until the news of her death this Saturday, was generally regarded as a hot mess (but who is now esteemed a “tragic artist” comparable to Kurt Cobain and others in the “27 club”): her mother told the Daily Mirror that it was “only a matter of time” before her daughter died, and the above source conjectures that it was a combination of a “weeks-long drinking binge” and a “bad ecstasy pill” that ended the singer’s life.

Lest we end on a “whomp whomp” note, let’s take a moment to reflect upon Trojan’s new Vibrator Truck, which will be rolling…er, vibing…through NYC later this coming week, and giving away Trojan Her Pleasure condoms and Trojan Vibrating Rings:

Keep on vibing, ladies

~Marcie Bianco


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