Lez Review: January 17-23

From Betty White’s 89th Birthday (17 Jan) to National Pie Day (23 Jan), this week was jammed packed with lezzie goodness.

The biggest news this week, for Cherry Grrl nrrds everywhere, was the release of Buffy #40, the last issue of Season 8 (SPOILER: Angel kills Giles!), on Buffy’s 30th birthday, 19 January. EW interviewed God Whedon about Season 8 and questioned him about the now-certain Season 9.


As C.D. mentioned in her Activist Rundown, Obama’s executive order allowing same-sex hospital visitation rights went into effect this past Tuesday, 18 January.  This week Obama saw his personal poll numbers higher than in previous weeks, thanks to his speech in Arizona and his handling of the tragedy. He’s now gearing up for his State of the Union Address—but this hasn’t stopped Republicans from unanimously repealing his healthcare law this week.

National Book Critics Circle Finalist announced, with Terry Castle (The Professor and Other Writings), Kay Ryan (The Best of It), Patti Smith (Just Kids), and Anne Carson (Nox) all nominated in their respective categories.

While Oscar nominations won’t be announced until 25 January, perennial favorites like The Kids Are All Right picked up more award nominations this week—this time from GLAAD, who announced its nominees for its annual Media Awards. The New York ceremony will be held 19 March, while the San Francisco ceremony will be held 14 May (the date and location LA ceremony has yet TBD).

David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman redux has been (finally!) picked up by NBC, and, I would just like to say to Mr. Michelle Pfeiffer, I’d be happy to star as Wonder Woman herself. NBC also greenlit a project about lesbians meeting, u-hauling, and having a baby—I feel mixed about this: happy about the visibility, miffed that the lezzies have to make babies. Carrie Brownstein’s Portlandia premiered on IFC this week, which, in addition to its airing of The Three Stooges, gives me another reason to watch the channel. Over at Oprah’s OWN, Rosie has signed on to head the network’s Documentary Film Club, which will oversee the production and release of Chaz Bono’s documentary.

Also, this week in TV news: Skins made its controversial debut, which I didn’t watch because I’m not into kiddie porn. But, I will continue to stick to The Jersey Shore, which, this week, gave us the liberation of Snooki, and Dirty Deena’s getting-makey-outy with the ladies, in MTV’s most watched broadcast EVARR in its 30-year history. Also, the sometimes refreshing, sometimes pedantic, Keith Olbermann abruptly said goodbye this week, reducing intelligent political television by one hour/week. Glee co-creator Brian Falchuk sent Gleeks into hysterics with his tweet: “Brittana is on. Brittana was always on. Episode 15—Gwyneth is the one who gets them together…”

I’ll believe it when I see it, Mr. Falchuk.

Now it’s time for a gratuitous Jane Lynch shot!

(Thank you, Windy City Times)

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