Lez Review: April 2 – 8

A synopsis of the past week’s news… Umm, Kristen who?

Kate. McKinnon. Killed. It. After it was just recently announced that out lesbian comedian Kate McKinnon was joining the cast of SNL I really surprised myself with how excited I got. Sure, we’ve interviewed her here on CG and I’ve seen her perform live at various lesbian events over the years, but my personal happiness at learning of her huge career success definitely caught me off-guard. All week I was looking forward to her debut on the show and hoping for her that she did well. Saturday night, I was actually giddy with joy when I saw the opening credits edit include her. Then, when her first sketch arrived in the form of a “Watch What Happens: Live” spoof where she played Tabatha Coffey (hilariously!), I was ecstatic! (Also, not lost on me was the fact that the out lesbian’s first appearance had her playing another out lesbian… pretty rad.) Honestly, I have no idea why Kate’s tremendous debut had such an affect on me, but all I can say is that she absolutely shined in her sketches and this whole thing is just really awesome for the lesbian community. In case you missed it, here is Kate opposite host Sofia Vergara:

In other news of terrific performances by women this past week, congrats to 2012 Women’s NCAA Basketball Champions Baylor! Britney Griner, you are a superstar. Get that degree, win another championship, and then go get it in the WNBA girl. Can’t wait.

In entertainment news, it was announced on Thursday that the much-discussed anti-bullying documentary “Bully” will now officially get the hard fought for rating of PG-13. This is great news for the LGBT community as it now makes it possible for the target audience, young boys and girls, to see the film. Thanks should go out to the Weinstein Company for editing the film, for this reason, and re-submitting it to the Classification and Rating Administration.

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