Lez Review: April 18-24

…a synopsis of the past week’s news, filled with metaphorical chocolate bunnies…“bunnies! / it must be bunnies!”

(And, if I need to explain the above quotation, I’ll revoke your Lesbo-Card.)

Ladies! Those of ye with religious tendencies were celebrating a crucifixion and resurrection this week, no? HOLA!

Indeed, “who the hell is the Easter Bunny?”

In perhaps the biggest LGBT media news of the week, Queerty has shut its virtual-doors. I adored the site for its provocative posts, especially its “blind items.” Trish Bendix, over at AfterEllen, wrote a lovely piece about her relationship to Queerty, and she suggests what its closing might mean for LGBT online media at large. (Bil Browning also inquired about the future of LGBT media in light of Queerty’s closing; read it HERE.)

Rapper Lil B is taking a controversial stand by titling his latest album I’m Gay, which is intended to evoke its etymologically earlier definition (of “happiness,” “elevation”—just think of Nietzsche’s The Gay Science, or Gertrude Stein’s “we were gay everyday” overload in “Miss Furr and Miss Skeene”), while still acknowledging the term’s meaning in contemporary parlance. Lil B told MTV News that he has “major love for the gay and lesbian community, and [that he] just want[s] to push less separation”: “I hope GLAAD sees that I’m taking initial steps to break barriers.”

I hope he does too—recuperating older connotations of “gay” will certainly help to elevate the debate surrounding the use of the term.

Even though we’re not even halfway through 2011, Time has named its Top 100 of the Year, including regulars like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, but also “newcomers” such as Patti Smith—which makes me very happy, considering that I spent most of this Sunday at the El Quixote in NYC, drinking slightly too much Spanish champagne (NB: I’m an avowed non-drinker), in an attempt to relive portions of Just Us Kids. Unfortunately, I didn’t run into Smith, or Janis Joplin, or William Burroughs, or anyone else of the awesome capacity.

XTina was the first person honored on the Gay Walk of Fame in WeHo outside of the gay-hotspot, the Abbey, this week. Flagged by a bunch of drag queens, she imprinted her hands in the wet concrete. I’m indifferent to XTina, but I’m confused about her selection to the GAY Walk of Fame, especially as the FIRST person to be inducted…anyone? Anyone?

With a new governor in place, New Yorkers, including Lady Gaga and Julianne Moore, are renewing their efforts to legalize gay marriage; THE (yes, I’ve said it!) funniest, most amazeball comedy on TV, 30 Rock, celebrated its 100th episode this Thursday; Gary Busey and his teeth exited The Apprentice (go Marlee Matlin!) last Sunday; Hermio…err, Emma Watson is leaving Brown and will transfer to another university this coming fall, with some reports suggesting that she was bullied out of Providence by Potter fanatics; LezLo is heading back to the slammer; Sapphic-seksi news that Eliza Dushku and Katee Sackhoff will lend their voices to the upcoming animated Batman flick; Nicki Minaj will join Britney on tour this summer; and Joan Armatrading is getting civil-unioned to her partner, Maggie Butler.

This past Sunday, The Perfect Family, starring Kathleen Turner and Emily Deschanel as her lego (ie, pregnant lesbian, aka the only type of lesbian in the movies nowadays) daughter, debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Concierge Travel has announced its 2012 all gay vacations, and Curve Mag did a feature this month on the tots adorbs Natalie Garcia, who has teamed up with SWEET for some animal rescue expeditions throughout the upcoming year.

Are ye ready for this upcoming Friday’s festivities? Yes, 29 April is Michelle Pfeiffer’s birthday—MEOW!

Is anyone tuning into Game of Thrones? I’ve yet to catch an ep, because my spare time has been consumed with some awesomeful, gay and/or queer books—I highly recommend the recent releases David Levithan’s The Lover’s Dictionary, Tina Fey’s Bossypants, and for the uber-nRRds out there, the spectacular A Discovery of Witches, by Deborah Harkness (lovers of Buffy, lovers of research, or librarians—this is a must read!).

Keep it loose!

- Marcie Bianco


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