Lesbifriends: Gleetarded

Lesbifriends is a weekly webcomic about lesbian geekery, pop culture, and the infinite wisdom of Jasmine Guy. Okay, not that last one. At least not regularly.

Written by CG’s TV Editor, Danielle, Lesbifriends can be found at www.lesbifriendscomic.com and here on CherryGRRL – where you can read the latest addition in early arrival form. To learn more about the comic and get caught up on the archives visit http://www.lesbifriendscomic.com.


Only at McKinley High on Glee can watching a crusty copy of “Saturday Night Fever” suddenly inspire a lazy, directionless kid to get off his ass and make something of himself. High School guidance is overrated, the true wisdom lies with John Travolta shimmying through an 80s disco movie. Didn’t seem to work for my Uncle Ralph, though.

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