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Several months ago, the lesbian community became abuzz with the news that award-winning daytime TV actress Crystal Chappell wasn’t letting the cancellation of her show, “Guiding Light,” stop her from entertaining her many devoted fans. “Venice: The Series” is an upcoming new webseries that was created by Chappell as a way for her to continue bringing the popular “Otalia” storyline to life, just with different characters.  The series premieres in December and already has a huge international fan base.  Now it has been announced that lesbian singer/songwriter Jen Foster’s, “Venice Beach,” was chosen as the theme song for the show so CherryGrrl caught up with Foster to learn more about her involvement with the exciting and highly anticipated new series.

Cherry Grrl (CG): We just heard that your song “Venice Beach” will be the theme song for “Venice: The Series.” How did that come about and what was your reaction when you learned that your song was chosen?

Jen: A fan of the series who is also a fan of mine wrote me and told me I should submit. She said she had a feeling my music would be great for the series.  There were a few people, actually, who contacted me about it – but that initial letter inspired me to go check out the website and submit a song.  I was thrilled to learn how much Kimmy, the writer/producer of “Venice,” loved the song.  When I spoke to Kimmy, it was very clear she is a total pro and has tons of passion for what she is doing.  I loved her energy and had no doubt I wanted to work with this team.

CG: Why do you think it is that the song is a good match for the series?

Jen: Well, the title was the first thing that jumped out.  My song is called “Venice Beach” and the series is “Venice,” so it was a no-brainer right off the bat as to which song I would send them.  But then after she got the song, Kimmy called and told me, “It’s like you wrote the song for us!  It’s perfect!”  And the rest is history.  Thank you, Kimmy!

CG: Were you familiar with the storyline on “Guiding Light” that this spin-off is based on?

Jen: I was honestly not aware of it – but I am so glad I’m aware now!  I used to watch soaps with my mom growing up.  She was into “As The World Turns” and “Guiding Light,” specifically – but that was way before soaps could handle a lesbian sub-plot! Thankfully, times have changed.

CG: What has the response been so far to the song and its link to the show?

Jen: Overwhelmingly positive.  It’s like inheriting a whole new fan base!  I got into “twittering” via all of this attention surrounding the series, so I’ve been interacting with the “Venice” fans quite a bit.  They are so incredibly supportive of the song.  In just 2 days, we’ve sold $2,000.00 online – not just “Venice Beach,” but my other music as well.  And may I add – “Venice” fans are now FAMOUS for breaking websites!  The broke down CNN when Crystal Chappell interviewed with them – and they broke down Bandbox when they were trying to order my song!  I love these people.   It’s been a wild ride, and Kimmy promises it will only get wilder.  I also have to thank the other members of the “Venice” team – have only met them via Twitter, but everyone is so nice, including, of course, Crystal Chappell…

CG:  Do you think that it was important to the producers that the theme song come from a lesbian singer/songwriter?

Jen: Kimmy told me they were on a quest to find the perfect song for their series – and that they wanted to use independent music.  She never specified about the sexuality aspect – but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt at all that I am open about who I am.  Certainly, the fact that I have a large and loyal lesbian fan base – and that “Venice” does, as well – led to these dots connecting.

CG: The series premieres in December. What are you most looking forward to about it?

Jen: I can’t WAIT to see this series come to life.  I am learning about all the characters and their history – and it’s going to be so cool to see how things develop.  There are some other cool things in the works with regard to the music, etc – but I can’t talk about them at the moment.  I know.  I’m a tease…

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