Is the Danielle Staub/Lori Michaels Relationship One-sided?

Anyone who pays attention to the “Real Housewives” franchise knows that New Jersey housewife Danielle Staub has been “dating” lesbian singer Lori Michaels. Michaels and Staub have released a self described lesbian “tortured lullaby” and debuted it on Andy Cohen’s popular Bravo late night talk show where they pretended to be dating.

The two women have been appearing all over the tri-state area together to promote their song. On Monday night, the reunion show revealed that Michaels was waiting in the wings to support her “real close” friend during the dramatic taping. In fact, Michaels was a hot topic at the reunion, where Staub once again refused to answer whether or not the two were actually dating, but she insinuated that they were.

However, Ms. Staub was recently absent at the NYC premiere of Michaels’ first acting venture. Michaels made her first foray into acting in Gabrielle Lindau’s short lesbian comedy, “These Showers Can Talk.” Michaels played a stage 5 clinger, u-haul oriented girlfriend. The movie premiered at Integrated Studios in NYC on August 19th, and Staub was nowhere to be found. In fact, Michaels appeared very taken with a slender blonde named Stephanie, stopping to buy her a drink and sitting next to her during the event.

Basically, whether the two women are dating or not is immaterial…the real question is; why was Staub a no-show when Lori needed to promote her movie?

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    ALL FALSE …. Staub is nuts & Michaels has been dating her hot choreographer.

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