Interview: The Busy, Beautiful, and Bisexual Fay Wolf

We are hereby ordering all of our readers to check out the web seriesRose By Any Other Name.” We promise that – after doing so – you will have been entertained by the story and become smitten with one of its stars, Fay Wolf. Fay plays Veronica – the cool, confident, and hilarious best friend of the female lead character (played by Stephanie Reibel). But despite her talents on the screen, this adorable bisexual lady is also a respected singer/songwriter and professional organizer. Here, we learn more about the multi-talented emerging star and how she is balancing her various abilities.

Cherry Grrl (CG): So, we love you in the webseries “Rose By Any Other Name” as Veronica. What has the experience of working on that project been like for you?

Fay Wolf (FW): If you’re looking for a good time, call the “Rose…” set.  Someone will always be laughing.  Kyle, our director, makes sure we’re a very happy bunch.  And on a level of activism, it thrills me to no end to be working on something that’s spreading awareness for the Bi cause.

CG: You play the lesbian best friend to a woman who is realizing that she’s bisexual. The series does a really nice job of presenting people as people and not defined by their sexuality. That said… how do you identify in that area?

FW: I am a bisexual woman.  I’m cool with “fluid” as well.  Open to all, committed to one at a time.

CG: So you feel that lesbian and bisexual women are well represented in the series?

FW: Sure.  I mean, regardless of our orientations in life, we’re all very different people, right? You said something similar just now.  I’ve met and befriended people who are like every character on our show.  For instance, just because Jo comes off as biphobic – and all of Rose’s friends do from time to time – doesn’t mean that we’re saying that all lesbians are biphobic.  We’re also not saying that all bisexual women are always going through a period of confusion or “figuring it all out.”  I sure as hell was born bisexual and since coming out as a teen, I’ve never looked back.  But this is what Rose is going through at this time in her life.  We’re just showing different people, and all of them are true to whoever they are.  But more than all of this dissecting, I think what’s most important to remember about “Rose…” is that it’s a COMEDY.

CG: Yes, the series is very lighthearted and your character in particular is extremely witty. You do a great job with her one-liners and general comedic abilities. You have also played characters in dramas and crime shows. Which type of character do you enjoy more and which is, for you, more difficult to play?

FW: First of all, thank you.  It’s very fun for me to play Veronica, because, like her, I’m also cracking jokes all day long.  I was just talking to someone actually about how it’s funny – and by funny I mean interesting and sad – that my TV resume really only includes one-hour dramas.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that stuff.  Procedurals can be challenging because they’re usually all about plot.  You basically just have to say the lines and that’s it.  Coming from a theatre background, that can be a hard trick to master.  Still very enjoyable, but I also love comedy.  In TV land, I’d love to play a Carrie Bradshaw-type.  A real, funny woman, but with the dramatic moments too.  Hmmm…can we get someone on that?  Thanks.

CG: You mentioned that Veronica is fun to portray. What, in addition to your joke-cracking, would you say that you have in common with her?

FW: Hee hee.  We’re both very sarcastic.  Perhaps to a fault.  Although she can be a bit harsher than me.  And we both love our friends unconditionally.  Let’s see…I would never wear some of her outfits.  Oh, wait, those were all my own clothes?  Scratch that.

CG: When did you first get started with acting and what is it that you enjoy about it?

FW: I was pretty young when I started.  You know, some kids really wanted to take ice-skating or learn the oboe every week.  I wanted to go to acting and singing and dance lessons.  And piano lessons.  And tennis lessons.  That last one didn’t stick.  That’s pretty much the explanation.  What I enjoy about it is, you know, everything.

CG: And the singing lessons obviously paid off – as you are also a talented singer/songwriter. What can you tell us about your sound and style of music?

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  1. Great that you got to interview her! Always wanted to know abt this lady after seeing her on an AE vlog and I’m a huge fan of the “Rose..” webseries! She’s witty and beautiful, and I loved the song that was featured on GA! Hope to see more of you Fay!

  2. fay wolf….very unique, talented and beautiful woman! just have to say that i’m happy that’s she’s bi…and that she has gorgeous curly hair #swoon. random, i know.

    good luck to her.

    thanks for the interview. ROSE is such an awesome show since it puts out there the journey of a bi women figuring herself out…again, very unique and refreshing.

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