Interview: Sarah Colonna

CG: Do you find it hard to write for yourself?

SC:  No… I mean it's kind of hard to be writing for yourself because you're almost more critical, and that’s a little bit difficult, but at the same time good. You know, it's good obviously when you're working with other people, in the sense of turning it over to people who know what they are doing. With this company I know that they will have the eye of knowing what is best for the project, and the story I'm trying to tell. With the book, you know, you get to be completely honest, but putting it into script form and it being about you is kind of weird and you'll sometimes feel like a crazy narcissist and think to yourself "what am I doing?!" So I try to look at it almost like a character - it's not me; really it’s like a character, which is true. I mean, it is a character since it's not at all what I'm doing right now. If I think of it like a character, I don't over-think it.

CG: Did you have any hesitations in turning your story over to the world of network TV?

SC: Totally. There is that concern. I just think and hope that whomever it ends up with it’s because they get the idea and I mean, I Executive Produce so I would have some say. And obviously you have other people with the same role and above you, but I'm just hoping that whoever I get it out to really just understands what this story is and doesn't try to change it too much. Hopefully they will just let it be.

CG: So changing courses here, how do you feel about gay marriage?

SC: I think that everybody should be able to get married whenever they want. I do believe in gay marriage. There are a lot of straight people that probably never should have gotten married, so everyone should just shut up.

CG: Would you ever marry a woman?

SC: No. I mean, I don't know…I've always been straight - never veered off so far, but I am sick of people, so maybe. Like, people being guys. I think it would actually be fun to be married to a woman…just in the sense that you would have your good gal pal around all the time.

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