Interview: NiRé AllDai

NiRé AllDai’s dance-pop/hip-hop music is magnetic, her striking and colorful fashion sense is iconoclastic, and her rise to fame as a newly-signed Virgin Records artist – with a debut album nearing – is fun to watch.

She’s been making the rounds at some LGBT events, hyping up the crowds with her high energy performances and anthem singles like “STFU (Shut The Fuck Up & Party), and here she sits down with CG to help us learn more about what she’s been building (she’s self-made) and where she’s headed next (FYI: NiRé means “the one with wings”).

CherryGRRL (CG): Who or what inspires you when it comes to your fashion sense?

NiRé AllDai (NA):  Really, I always admired Gwen Stefani, simply for the fact that she always did her own thing.  You know she would rock labels, but it was never about the labels, it was about her individuality and I think in the same way I kind of just do my own thing. So, she totally inspires me.

CG: Describe to me your music style…

NA: You know what? I’m a songwriter and I write a little bit of everything, and I think what’s on the album is really all top 40, like radio songs. The first few records I was more dance. Now we’re getting into more radio singles and more rhythmic music with a more urban sound. You know, I have fun doing everything, but I love top 40.  So everything is very radio sounding.

CG:  Are there any big collaborations on this album that you’re excited about?

NA: Yeah, some of it is still in the air cause we are still working on it. I have a couple records with Timbaland that we are seriously thinking about putting on the album. I’m cool with Stargate, and we have a few records together. I’m really still working, so we’ll see what else comes up.  Talk to me in January and I’ll tell you.

CG: Which do you prefer – writing songs, or performing?

NA:  Oh my god – performing. But I mean it’s all me. The writing process is not easy, so it’s sort of a struggle, and for that reason it’s like work. But I love at the end of the song being able to play it back and knowing I created it. I love writing. But I like writing for myself more than writing for other artists. I do want to collaborate with different people…and then I love performing. I think performing is my first love and writing is my second.

CG: You are a signed artist now – are you still going to write for other people?

NA: Oh totally. I want to get myself off the ground, so I’m really focusing on completing my project, but then when I’m done, I totally want to collab with other artists and develop artists, you know…all of that.

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