Interview: Ayiiia Elizarraras Gets “Real” With Cherry Grrl

The Real World: Cancun’s Ayiiia Elizarraras may not be the first gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person to have appeared on the now 17-year-old (22-season) reality series, but she certainly did make an impact on the show in ways that we haven’t really seen before. There have been many gay men cast, out lesbians have appeared in various seasons, and with Brooklyn’s Katelynn we even got to know a trangendered roommate. There have also been bisexual and bi-curious girls – wild threesomes and random kisses have become pretty common on just about every MTV show.  What made Ayiiia stand out however, was the way in which she honestly and emotionally explored her sexuality during her time in Cancun and in one heartbreaking and powerful confessional segment, managed to remind the world that being gay is okay, coming out is hard, and being honest with yourself about who you are makes it all worthwhile. When Ayiiia and cast mate Emilee wound up in bed together after one drunken party night, it was laughed about. When Ayiiia and a second female caste mate, Jonna, wound up in bed together after another drunken party night, it was cried about. Having learned a lot and grown a lot from her time living in the fishbowl, Ayiiia is now happy, healthy, and in love. Here, she talks to Cherry Grrl about her time in Mexico, her family’s reaction to what they saw of it, and her plans for the future.

Cherry Grrl (CG): So you were very open about your “bi-curious” status throughout the taping of The Real World: Cancun, but announced on the reunion that you had a girlfriend. What is your current status?

Ayiiia: My current relationship status is “taken” and very much in love with the owner/designer of Tasteless Candy Clothing, Krystal (a.k.a., K). I don’t believe in labeling one another therefore I don’t call myself a lesbian, straight, or bi. I like everybody – no discrimination here (laughs).

CG: What happened when you got home after filming the show?

Ayiiia: I took A LOT of time by myself and tried talking to my roommates daily, since I’ve missed some of them so much. Getting used to a completely different way of living the next day was very hard.

CG: Do you think that being on The Real World and having sexual encounters with two of your female roommates helped you get a better understanding of your sexuality or perhaps come to terms with being bisexual or gay in a way that you had not yet dealt with?

Ayiiia: Having a sexual encounter with two of my female roommates was definitely an eye opening experience for me. I’ve always wanted to, but never went for it, so the day I finally decided to not hold back was very relieving since I always knew I had an attraction towards women. The outcome was positive.

CG: You were very worried about the reaction from your family regarding your behavior on the show and sexuality. What has that been like since the show aired?

Ayiiia: The outcome with my family is something I am still dealing with till this day. My family doesn’t agree with it, understand it, or like it, but if they love me as much as they do, I know they will accept me. I know it’s hard for them as well so I’m trying to be as calm and understanding as possible. All I care about is being happy, and being with Krystal is exactly that. I don’t want to change for anyone, I just want to be true to myself whether people like it or not.

CG: What was your coming out process like? When did you first realize that you were attracted to the same sex?

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  1. That’s awesome. It looks like she truly had a life-changing experience, and that’s what the show is really about.

    Good luck with all of your endeavors Ayiiia! I know a lot of people are rooting for you.

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