Interview: “The Real L Word’s” Whitney Mixter on Dinah, Dating + More

Love it or hate it, Showtime’s “The Real L Word” certainly made its mark in 2010. Its interesting cast of characters have since become reality TV stars, within the lesbian community, and as news of Season 2 begins to emerge the ladies of Season 1 continue to ride that wave of celesbianism. For Whitney and Rose, that wave will take them back to The Dinah (3/30-4/3/11), where both hope to avoid the drama that they encountered during last year’s Club Skirts event. Helping to ensure that they have a better experience this time around are Mariah Hanson and Curve Magazine, who have teamed up to host an exclusive “Win a Date at The Dinah” contest with Mixter and Garcia. “This time, they are not only on the lookout for that special someone but also giving their fans a shot at winning their hearts and sweeping them off their feet!,” states the contest announcement. (For full details about the contests and/or to submit your entry go to Here, we check in with Whitney to discuss her plans for Dinah 2011, talk about her post “L Word” thoughts and feelings, and play a quick game of “Would You Rather?”.


CherryGRRL (CG): So we all saw Dinah was kind of rough for you last year, what’s your foolproof plan for drama-free fun this time?

Whitney Mixter (WM): I did have some drama, I’m not going to lie! At the same time, seeing Romi and Sara in the pool together wasn’t as disappointing as it appeared to be on the show.

CG: Excellent point.

WM: This year, honestly, I’m excited about the “Win a Date” contest. I’m excited to see who people choose for me. You know, I just go into every situation and every party expecting to have a good time, enjoying myself with friends, and you know, just letting things happen like they’re gonna happen.

CG: If you mix in enough alcohol, anything is a blast.

WM: That’s what I’m saying! Everybody just needs to relax. Exactly.

CG: Club Skirts and Curve Magazine are offering a chance to go on a date with you – although I’m not sure they’re really maximizing your appeal by calling you “love-’em-and-leave-’em heartbreaker Whitney.”

WM: Is that what they said?! (laughing) Oh man, wow!

CG: I guess it works for Jude Law. I’ll give you a free re-write, how would you describe your romantic persona?

WM: You know, I think that last season I was openly non-committal. That whole “looking for love but losing to lust” thing that I said last season, I mean, it was pretty much accurate. But now I’d say that I’m looking for love, but hopefully not losing to lust. Let’s put it that way.

CG: Some lucky winner is going to win a night out with you – what’s your perfect date?

WM: The perfect date at Dinah? Or the perfect date in general?

CG: I don’t think a perfect date is possible at Dinah – it’s not really the place for candlelit romance.

WM: (laughs) No! That’s what I’m saying, at Dinah it’s just all going to be about the booze and the cruise. In the real world, honestly, I’d say a perfect date would probably be something interesting and fun. Like going out to the middle of nowhere. It depends on how close we were. If we didn’t know each other, I’m down for doing something athletic and fun, like going skating on the beach and having wine and dinner. If we knew each other, I’m up to going somewhere, getting a huge canvas and doing a joint art piece together. Possibly with clothes, possibly without. Paint is better when you don’t have clothes on. And then finishing it off with cocktails and dinner, ‘cause I’m an eater. (continued on next page)

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