Get Real?! An Interview with Romi Klinger

The Real L Word Season 3 will premiere on Thursday, July 12 at 10 PM on Showtime. And no matter what you have been telling yourself since the last episode of Season 2, you will be watching. There will be some new cast members, there will be some old cast members. There will be some new drama, and unfortunately there will be some old drama. But here, one of the show’s original gangsters, Romi Klinger, shares her thoughts on the third time around and what she’s learned along the way.

CherryGRRL (CG): This is your third season of The Real L Word
(TRLW) – what makes you keep going back?

Romi: My life is such a crazy journey. When they asked me back this season I said yes. I felt I still had a story to tell. They never tell your full story, but you can hope some of it gets out there and lets people know they are not alone.

CG: You’re recently sober. How has that affected the show, positively and/or negatively?

Romi: I have been sober over a year and half. So yes, I am sober this season. It does not change the experience of filming other than I’m totally coherent through all the bullshit.

CG: How will this season portray you differently than other seasons?

Romi: I have no idea yet, but they did film a very different year for me. I am always changing and evolving. This was a big year for me… personally, romantically, and work-wise. You will see a whole new side of me. Not new to me, but new to the viewers.

CG: Can you give us a sneak peak of the new season? Anything we should know?

Romi: Let’s just say way more drama!

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